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I wonder if Gates makes any mention of the Steve Coughlin episode. Remember him? He was the Pentagon's ONLY expert on Islam. Gates deputy Gordon England had him fired at the urging of a Muslim staffer. That firing set the stage for the Islam knowledge vacuum that exists in the Pentagon to this day.
Last night I was rewatching the movie Schindler's List. All through the movie I kept being reminded of all the daily stories I read here on Atlas and Jihadwatch. I was born in 1939, and here I am at age 75 watching the world go full circle back to those black days.
Too bad all the lessons learned on how to fight wars haven't been carried over into Afghanistan. Going on 13 years and our troops are still pretty much doing the same thing over and over again. Driving around and walking around while waiting to be shredded by an IED. Sick, shameful, criminal misuse of our Armed Forces.
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Explain to me once again why we went into Afghanistan. OK, Bin Laden had his HQ there. Big deal. The important thing is that his operatives were not based there, they were moving around freely in various first-world countries. As Paul Sperry points out, most were Saudi's, as was OBL himself. Mohammed Atta was an Egyptian. None of the 9/11 hijackers were Afghans. The official storyline as to why we went into Afghanistan was the "safe haven" hokum. Never mind that the 9/11 hijackers real safe haven was right here in the U.S.. They had a readymade support network from mosques, assorted Muslim Brotherhood groups, and as evidence mounts, a steady money supply from the Saudi's. After all, when planning something on the scale of 9/11 it's so much easier to work out of a condo in San Diego than from a cave in Afghanistan. The hijackers were living amongst us, hiding in plain sight. This is the way it will be the next time as well. Oh wait, the next time already happened, in Boston. Again, the plotters hiding in plain sight. But never mind all this, what's important is that we stay bogged down in Afghanistan chasing after barely literate Taliban goat herders. Yea, that strategy is working out real well for us.
Can't wait to see their paintins or drawings of Mohammed. Oh wait, if they draw a picture of Mohammed they might loose their noggins.
Remind me again, how many of our troops lost their lives and limbs protecting these particular Muslims from their brethren. It's the same in every one of these conflicts. We expend our blood and treasure trying to protect Muslims from Muslims.
Nice to see O'reilly and Beckle speaking out but they still don't get it. Both of them plus the the whole crew on The Five are still stuck with the idea that jihadists are working outside of Islamic dogma. They can't bring themselves to accept the fact that jihadists are not radical Muslims, they are doctrinaire Muslims. The worldwide Muslim community, the ummah, doesn't take to streets in protest because they are giving silent assent.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2013 on O'Reilly and Beckel See the Light at Atlas Shrugs
Major Brezler is fortunate to live in NY and have NY Congressman Peter King on his side. Keep in mind that King as Chairman of the House Homeland Security Commission along with its members including Michele Bachmann were excoriated for having the temerity to raise questions about Hillary Clinton's aide, Huma Abedin, whose family has a long relationship to the Muslim Brotherhood. Peter King is one of a small handfull of Capitol Hill people who actually "gets it" when it comes to understanding just how deeply we have been penetrated by pro-Muslim operatives who have managed to install a climate where Muslim sensibilities take precedence over everything else including the safety and security of our frontline troops. Will this nightmare ever end?
The hostility towards this country and its institutions by the people who wrote this material is exceeded by the complicity of the bureaucrats who signed off on the contract.
There is nothing new here for those of us who follow this site and other similar ones. But the problem is that hardly anyone in the political and media elite have any clue about this. Also, keep in mind that this is a long range plan, one that will take a few generations to complete.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2013 on A Message from a former Muslim at Atlas Shrugs
During WWII Ho was on our side against the Japs. The allies assured him that following the war colonial powers would not be permitted to return to Indochina and resume business as usual. FDR supported this proposition and was dead set against allowing the French to move back in. Truman didn't care much one way or the other, and as a result the allies reneged on their promise, and the rest is history.
The other night I was rewatching the movie "Go Tell The Spartans" starring Burt Lancaster. For my money it is the most authentic movie on our Viet Nam misadventure. It is about a group of the early US Army advisors who were there in 1964. Lancaster plays their commander, and he has a good grasp on the futility of the war even that early stage. He is particularly down on what he calls "static defense." Indeed, it turned out to be fatal for him and nearly his entire command. Static defense is a euphemism for what we did all through that war and continue to do in this war in Afghanistan. Put simply, static defense means going out into the boonies and building a makshift fort, then waiting to be attacked. It is a tactic reminiscent of the Calvary forts during the western expansion of the US. Static defense is not a tactic someone like General Patton would ever allow his troops to be subjected to.
Saudi Airlines should have been banned from US airspace years ago once we learned that most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi's as was OBL himself. Instead we give Saudi's trusted traveller status.
"I'm banned from Mecca too" The perfect succinct response.
I hope somebody asks Bill Killian about Koran 98:6 where it says that non-believers are the vilest of creatures. I know it would be OK for a Muslim to walk around carrying a sign quoting Koran 98:6, and I also know what would happen to a non-believer who walked around carrying a sign that switched non-believer to Muslims.
Just for know'in, the Navy's Blue Angels and the Air Force's Thunderbirds have been grounded as well. A big wet blanket on all the air shows that normally take place this time of year. This is what happens when you have a President who is a stranger in our land.
Too bad Sherlock Holmes was a fictional character. Scotland Yard could use a real life Holmes to get to the bottom of this mystery.
When you look at all those modern high-rise buildings in places like the UAE, Saudi Arabia and all the rest of those Islamic garden spots, keep in mind that they were all built with what amounts to slave labor done by infidels. The locals would have no clue on how to put those buildings up. Were it not for the infidels they would still be living in tents.
If this skydiving school is training troops from Qatar that means they probably have a juicy contract with the Defense or State Dept's. Can't do anything to jeopardize those big bucks.
Looks like you would need a real high power telephoto lens to see the female worshippers [if there are any] way, way, way in the back.
I noticed that all through the interview Linda Sarsour kept referring to "Muslim Americans" as if Muslims who happen to live in America are a separate sect within Islam. Listening to her one would get the impression that Muslim Americans have their own special edition of the Koran devoid of all the hostility aimed at non-believers in general and Jews and gays in particular that is found in the Korans used in other parts of the world. It never ceases to amaze me what clever wordsmiths these Muslim spokespeople are. This is one of the reasons why the average American so-called journalists always come across as nitwits in these debates. American jouralists like to think of themselves as great wordsmiths but they can't compete with a polished taqiyya slinger like Linda Sarsour.
The airhead teleprompter readers posing as journalists sound like they have no knowledge of anyhting that has happened in the world more than about two hours ago. How is it possible to work in a field where information is your craft and yet be so completely and hopelessly uninformed about the central issue of our time - resurgent Islam, Islam on the march.
It was sad and frightening to listen to that discussion. It really brought home how true the phrase "low information voter" is. San Franciscan's like to view themselves as the most cosmopolitan city in the country, a city filled with people who are so with it. Yet listening to the callers and and email comments these people are totally clueless about the ominous social upheaval coming our way in the form of resurgent Islam, Islam on the march. The Islamic shill on the program kept harping away with the theme that Muslims are on the receiving end of hatred and persecution. I would challenge anyone to show me one place, just one, where Muslims are persecuted and where their homes are routinely destroyed, their mosques burned to the ground. Oh wait, sometimes their mosques do get burned down, but always by other Muslims, never ever by non-Muslims.
A few years back when it became apparent that this mess was going nowhere I remember seeing a news clip that has always stuck with me. An Afghan shopkeeper was being interviewd about his view of American troops in his village. He said "they shouldn't be killing Taliban because they are Muslims too." So there you have it. The average Afghan man on the street attitude is that the Taliban are first and foremost Muslims, and infidels should not be killing them. And we wonder why so many of our troops get shot in the back by our so-called allies. We should get out of this particular province and every other one as well, starting today, not in late 2014.
My caption for the photo: "Pamela Geller reacts in startled amazement as she learns that Huff Post is planning to publish a factual article on jihad."