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Independent thinker, marketer and 2x NY Times bestselling author
Interests: Jeffrey Eisenberg, with brother and partner Bryan Eisenberg, co-wrote Call To Action, Waiting For Your Cat to Bark? both Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestsellers and Persuasive Online Copywriting. Since 1998 they have helped companies to craft accountable digital marketing strategies emphasizing the optimization of customer experiences in order to convert more, leads, subscriptions, and sales. Jeffrey is also a thought provoking marketing speaker, an amateur historian, a passable cook and speaks Spanish with native fluency.
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I've been a fan of your podcasts from the very beginning. I also recently moved to Austin. Would you consider attending a meet up for local fans?
The same principles apply when investing your own capital.EVERY entrepreneur considering a start up or even those considering a new business line should read this. The big established VCs will probably blow this off because the implications for their business model are too horrible to contemplate.
I saw that when I filled out my census form yesterday. I filled out white, despite the fact that I don't believe in the concept of race it's how ignorant people (the vast majority unfortunately) would describe me. I then filled in the "Other Hispanic" field. I've been contradicted on that definition too. Apparently having two parents born and married in South America as well as a tradition of Spanish as a first language on my mother's side for over 500 years isn't really Hispanic. Identity, race & nationality are subjective. We give them way too much power.
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