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You know what I think is funny about all these market reports, Dan? People are conveniently ignoring a couple of key facts: 1. The BlackBerry market is continuing to grow. Yes, there has been an explosion of smart phone sales, and share of the overall market has been shrinking, but we're continuing to add new customers. Morgan Stanley reports Apple with 70 million active users and guess what - we have 70 million active users as well, up from 67 million the quarter before. See our latest earnings call to confirm. 2. You can actually money as a developer on Blackberry. I know... it's a wild and CRAAZY idea ;) Yankee group published a report on Android Piracy on Sept 7. Included in that report was a chart showing aggregate earnings on AppWorld, Android Market, and the iPhone App Store. BlackBerry App World has seen more dollars of applications sold to developers than Android Market. Think about that! Evans Data is reporting similar numbers, noting that 13% of BlackBerry developers have earned more than $100,000 from app sales through the App World. What attracted to me to RIM was the fact that for developers there's this great opportunity. A market as large as Apple's, where people are making money. Whoa!
Thanks for the kind words Andy!
Toggle Commented May 18, 2011 on Nice To See He's Back Too-Alec Saunders at VoIPWatch
Abandoned at the Altar, IMO, Andy. Nothing new seems to be happening there, and Craig has moved on to better and bigger things. I think this duck is dead.
In today's world of data driven marketing, absolutely!
Boo hoo, Dan! Remember, you Mac guys got the Skype screen share feature before Windows users did... :)
I've had great experiences with IISNet-Networks, Dan. They're a smidge more expensive than the Bluehosts of the world, but they're responsive, and they offer a REDUNDANT CDN to their customers. Plus they minimize the number of shared hosters on a single server. Check them out!
Alok, there's no reason you can't. We have successfully tested Skype Connect with Bria, for example, and it works just fine. Skype is simply saying that it's going to cost you $6.95 per month per channel. It's not an unreasonable cost...
It's a straight cash grab, Andy. There's no justification for it in terms of excess usage. Here in Canada tethering is allowed as part of the standard data plan for iPhone, and the average usage of data on Rogers' network is about $500M. AT&T is cleverly marketing themselves as the victim in order to justify jacking up customer's data rates.
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2010 on Exclusive To The iPhone-Pay More at VoIPWatch
Andy, aren't you confusing the speed of the network with the phone? Here in Soviet Canuckistan iPhone the iPhone rocks on the Rogers network. I would imagine that Android phones perform similarly. So isn't your beef with AT&T and not iPhone?
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2009 on Impressions of The Droid (on Verizon) at VoIPWatch