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Despite a Catholic upbringing, by the time I was a young teen I held the belief that no deity exists. What's odd though, is when I had my "trigger event", the first "authority" I went to was the bible. I guess I wanted to know what "the rules" were regarding "dominion". I also wanted to know what I'd be fighting against in my choice to be vegan. I'm the sort that needs to know every angle of "the argument" to be effective... Since then I've enjoyed exploring differing theologies regarding human "hierarchy". And in each religious view I always find it humorous (and sad), that whatever we want to do to animals - "gOd" always said it was peachy-keen! I agree totally with Niki "...people pick and choose which rules to abide by from their chosen faith. Which makes the whole thing pointless..." And I take that a step further and say that we each are our own "gOd". And we each can be a god which chooses to rule with power & might. Or one who wants to be a "god" of light and reason. I tend to think most vegans would opt for the latter. But the mythology of it all? I find myself most drawn to Sophia and Gaia. If I *had* to believe in a "creator" - it would most certainly be a feminized one. God = birth... That makes sense to me. But after this small fragment of "logic", everything after this point regarding "religion" just doesn't hold my intellectual attention.
Toggle Commented Jan 21, 2010 on On Atheism and Veganism at Animal Person