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Heidi, this is really a nice analysis & aggregation of information that you've put together. I'm a bit surprised about the results, got me thinking...
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You and I are on the same wave length lately. Not that I've been thinking exactly about the law of unintended consequences, but, I certainly have been cognizant of my actions. I’m much more aware of what I say and what I do. I know that this is in front of my children as well as with my team at work. As I look to 2010 and think of ways to grow my business, I look at the amount of energy spent by me and my employees and try to see if it’s worth to pursue new services. I’m trying to be someone who looks at the big picture, the impact on my life, those that work for me, my customers and potential new customers. Thanks for expressing your thoughts and giving me more to think about.
I don't think that you want to spend a lot of time keeping yourself from falling, but, because entrepreneurs are so tenacious it's sometimes very hard to know when to say its time to fall. In my experience, surrounding yourself with people that have been there and done it before can help speed up that process. I've got a loose board of advisors through one of my entrepreneur organizations. I'm looking to create a more formal board of advisors. I'm not sure I'd want to unconditionally watch those around me fall, fast, often. I'd rather share my experiences and hope they avoid that same traps I've fallen into.
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2009 on Failure or Success: You Decide at PAM hoelzle
Thanks for sharing Pam. I'd gladly exchange back side stories with you. I've got tons of respect for those that are able to talk about those white water times in their life. I'm all for staying positive and I can't stand complainers, but, in my situation, it's rarely perfect. When I say perfect, picture a still, smooth, glassy, mirrored lake first thing in the morning. It's those moments that make it all worth it. Being quiet and being able to recognize it is equally important. Especially for the entrepreneur who's finish line keeps being pushed further and further out. I'd have to fully agree with you, success is about how you look at it. It's about dealing with life's challenges and getting back up after you've fallen. One thing that this post is making me think about is about how I fall. Pam, what do you think about that? It seems so hard sometimes to fall gracefully. When in the middle of it all it seems like its easiest to just be a wreaking ball...
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2009 on Failure or Success: You Decide at PAM hoelzle