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Seems like the best advice any parent could give to their kid would be... Leave the gun, take the cannoli.
I would be very disappointed if the County Legislators are overtly influenced by this petition. Petitions are usually overblown. It takes all of 5 seconds to sign one's name, and maybe twice that time to hear the gist of the idea. Most sign without becoming fully informed. Yet politicians are supposed to bend to the "will of the people" because a small group of energized people got a few hundred to sign their name to a sheet of paper. Does anyone check the accuracy of these signatures? Are those people signing the petition fully informed? Are they paying for the fiscal sinkhole known as Playland? From what Bob tells us, the answer is no, at least for 60% of the first 100 signers. Elected representatives should be using their best judgment in deciding what's best for the county. With close to a million residents in Westchester, the 600 is less than one tenth of 1 percent of the population. God help us all if our county legislators lack a backbone to ignore this petition.
Charmian et al - There seems to be some confusion as to what the Rye CERT effort is all about. It is a nascent volunteer effort that will focus on helping residents prepare, survive and recover from future disasters. We have petitioned the Rye City Council to work with our county and state representatives to provide liability protection for volunteers. Other states provide this liability protection for volunteer groups, and we want to ensure that well-meaning individuals who assist others in times of need are not legally exposed. The group is not interested in becoming an arm of the local government, nor are we looking to replace or challenge firefighters, policemen, or DPW workers in their duties – so we have no worries of a big, nasty and costly fight with any union. What we do want to provide is assistance to those in need during times of emergency, if they request it and if we’re able to assist them. There are many residents who were not adequately prepared for the storm, and who received little in the way of assistance when it was needed, primarily because of the extreme nature of the storm. It doesn’t take much imagination to foresee other instances where help might be needed. If we succeed, I think we’ll make our town a better place. If you agree, we’d love your help. We have not, and will not, be discussing such topics as elected and appointed officials, concerns over Hen Island, how to reduce or eliminate extreme weather, and the wisdom of government abrogating private property. While it’s nice to think you all believe we have such powers, we realize that the best way we can achieve our goals of providing assistance to those in need when a disaster hits, is to stay focused on doing just that. Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday, if you’re willing to work to make our town a safer and more secure place!
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Curious Tom, Wry Record - I look forward to meeting you both in person this Saturday, at 10 AM, at the Rye Rec Center to hear your thoughts on how we might be better prepared for the next disaster. Hopefully, we won't see another superstorm like Sandy, ever, but hope is never an effective risk management strategy... nor is complaining about the past.
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Curious Tom - Interesting that you're so fascinated about events that happened over ten years ago. Let me know if you want details about other events, further back in my life... I'm sure I could dig up my college transcripts, high school records, elementary school evaluations. Nice to know I have fans out there who are infatuated. As to whether or not I'll run for City Council... I'd hate to spoil your surprise! And you didn't answer my question - would you like to join in the effort to make Rye a safer and more secure place before, during, and after a disaster? Or are you the type to sit back, and do nothing but complain?
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Tom - Better get your facts straight. The last time I took on a volunteer responsibility was when I ran for the City Council in 2003. I served my full term. Before that, in 2002, I volunteered on the City's Finance Committee, where I also completed the full term. I signed up for the Fire Department in August of 2001, and went through the county's Basic Training course later that year. I worked, and continue to work, in the city for a financial services firm. I normally leave Rye early in the morning and return usually after 7 or 8 PM. It really didn't make a lot of sense to be in the Fire Department, which needs first responders within minutes, not hours. I do think that many residents of Rye could benefit from a CERT effort, which is why I'm working with others to build it. We welcome anyone and everyone who want to make our community safer and stronger. I'm curious, too, Tom - any chance you'd like to join us in this effort?
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Jay - With enough volunteers, volcanos, hurricanes, even Godzilla won't be a problem. Can I count on your support?
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Divman - You bring up an option I hadn't thought of... and it's still a win-win for parents. If the school cancels the Spring Break for the kids, simply cancel the plane tickets for the kids, and Mom and Dad get a second honeymoon, while the kids stay in school... Thanks, Sandy!
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Here's an idea every parent will love (and the kids and the union will hate)... for a short time, simply extend the school day until 6PM until the missing hours of the cancelled school days are made up. With (roughly) 6 hours in a normal school day outside of lunch and recess, extending class time from 3PM to 6PM for just two weeks would make up for the missing time. Just think of the benefits. Ecstatic parents will have time to clean the house and yard up, do some leisurely Christmas shopping, cook really heathly dinners for their kids, take extra-long afternoon naps, maybe get caught up on some soaps (if anyone watches those anymore). Kids will come home physically exhausted, too tired to log onto facebook or do any arguing about homework. And their two week dose of normal working hours for the rest of us might give them some appreciation of what it means to work for a living, as opposed to simply attending school.
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Need Change - I'd be happy to talk to you face to face, but can't seem to find "Need Change" in the phone book. And how could you possibly know that I'd want your job since I don't know who you are and what you do? Unless your real name is Eli Manning, I probably wouldn't want your job - I'm happy with what I have. As I explained earlier, I joined the volunteer firefighters to do what I could to help the city. But I realized that a 14 hour day trying to provide for my family by working in New York City meant I wouldn't be able to respond to many fires here in Rye. The decision to run for political office came later.
Legal Fees - the city manager is an operational position, and the mayor is an oversight position - much like a COO and a CEO. You can expect the day to day operations to be handled by the city manager, with the direction determined by the city council, with the mayor as a "first among equals". The heads of DMV, Finance, Recreation and others report to the city manager. The city manager reports to the mayor (and the council), and the council reports to the people of Rye. Otis often ran in front of the city manager, trying to micro-manage the operations of the city. As far as I know, French has not done this.
What is it that you think you're winning? And yes, I was a volunteer firefighter from June of 2001 until about a year later. Thanks for remembering I realized it was not really helpful to the effort to be a volunteer firefighter while I had a full time job in the city, where I left at 6 am and returned around 8 pm or so every day. I looked for other ways I could aid in the community, which is why I ran for office starting in May of '03. I'm proud of the four years I put in, which is four more than you. Why is it you can't run for office? Are you under 18? Are you too scared to? Why can't you use your real name? The story is always the same with you chickens who won't use your real names in these posts. For some "unknown" reason you can't reveal who you are, you can't run for office, and you can't help but whine about the efforts of others. The real reason you can't reveal who you are is that you're a gutless wimp. You are the coward here, not me. You're also clueless... How is it that the mayor and council members are supposed to know the mind of the community without listening? I also notice you didn't answer my earlier question. Were you pushing for the state of emergency on Saturday or not? As I see no evidence you were, your current carping is nothing more than Monday morning quarterbacking.
Need Change - Here' s a simple question for you. Were you promoting a state of emergency on Saturday and urging anyone for a mandatory evacuation at that time? I think not - I can't find anything on this site from you in this regard. You are one of the faceless whiners who constantly complain about how others have screwed up after the event is over. You never step forward and offer to assume leadership at the time of crisis, but emerge only when the danger has passed to tell those who performed how they messed up. You remind me of what enlisted men call a REMF. Look it up.
Need Change - Some facts for you. -The reason why I'm no longer an elected official is because I chose not to run. -Reverse 911 was used to alert people to the impending storm, and to warn them. Government cannot force people to make wise choices concerning their own safety. -A mandatory evacuation is ordered when emergency services will soon be no longer able to respond to those in need. If they were to have ordered one on Saturday, that would add more vehicles on the streets and forced emergency workers to stop prepping for the storm to assist those evacuees. -Do you really think the police would have started arresting or fining people who were outside on Sunday, had they declared a state of emergency? You're describing martial law, which is a different level of response altogether. But of course you understand this difference, since you have plenty of experience.
Chris Gray - Thanks for moving out of Rye. The less nut cases around here, the better. And stop spending so much time in the sun, it's pickling your brain. Need Change - as I said in a separate post, the police did not forbid anyone from evacuating earlier, and were telling people to prepare for evacuation well beforehand. Anyone was free to move to higher ground at any time before the storm hit. I'm more than a little tired of people whining about how the government isn't taking care of them enough. A well-publicized storm is bearing down on the metro area, with news of widespread flooding and very high winds days and days before the storm hits. Am I supposed to feel sorry for some schmuck who bought waterfront real estate, hears of this storm three or four days prior to it making landfall, and then complains that no one told him/her to evacuate until the last minute? What about personal responsibility and thinking for oneself? Or are we all supposed to become wards of the state?
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Need change- I don't think you understand what the role is of the city council. The council does not direct safety issues... That is the role of the city manager, police commissioner, EMS, and fire chief. They are the ones with training and experience to handle big storms. I'd rather have people with the proper training who are paid to do the job, rather than any elected official without experience trying to learn on the job. The city council also does not control the operations of Con Edison. The decision to evacuate low-lying areas at 2 PM doesn't seem to have had any consequences - there was plenty of time to get people in low-lying areas to higher ground. With full benefit of hindsight, when do you think they should have evacuated? Sunday night? Saturday morning? Here's another thought... Anyone who was worried prior to 2pm on Monday were free to leave of their own accord. They did not have to wait until the mandatory evacuation. While the optics of a council person at a keg party might look bad, Julie was obviously looking to get information to the mayor about what some people were thinking about in the aftermath of the storm. That's the nature of her note. Having thousands of kids on streets for Halloween without signals, and downed wires, and fallen trees wouldn't be wise. Ditto with Novel Night. Don't you think this information of what some people were thinking was helpful to the mayor in assessing options? The rumor of Bloomberg commandeering "our" ConEd workers is interesting, if true, but that speaks to the power of a mayor with millions of voters instead of one with only 15,000. Again, the mayor can't tell Con Ed how to run its operations.
"Tony will cancel your Optimum Online and take away your keyboard"... "walking around with a wacky letter"... Again, exactly what are you talking about? Please explain.
Charmian - "walking around Rye with a wacky letter" - What in the world are you talking about? I think you've over-medicated to get to your "happy place".
Gee, bitter AND delusional!
Charmian - I hope you get over your bitterness.
Avg Citizen - May I be so bold as to suggest you post the name that appears on your birth certificate? I do think your thoughts and words would carry more weight if you were willing to be identified. I understand there are reasons why you may wish to remain unknown, but when you have good ideas and show good common sense, don't you want people to recognize these attributes in you as a person?
Personally, I am not surprised the Council chose Julie over the other two. While Rye is fortunate to have three talented individuals who are willing to step forward and serve all of us in this volunteer role, I think one aspect of Julie's candidacy that outweighed the other bids was that she expressed an early and sustained interest. Charmian and Jason were comparative latecomers, only announcing their interest two weeks ago. It's my opinion only, but it seemed they may have been influenced by a desire to block Julie's service rather to promote their own. In any event, if they are truly interested in sitting on the council, I welcome their candidacy and hearing more of their thoughts in the upcoming election cycle this November. Regardless, Rye is very fortunate to have Julie's wisdom, experience and passion on the council. No doubt it will serve the council well as they move forward into the budget cycle - congratulations, Julie!
Avg Citizen: A minor legal correction on your earlier post. One is not "innocent until proven guilty". If you're charged with a crime, you're either innocent or guilty of the crime, but the law will presume your innocence until it can prove you're guilty of the crime. This means that, even if you're found by cops covered in blood with a bloody knife in your hand standing over two dead victims (and you did it), the law will PRESUME that you are innocent until you've been tried for the crime, and found guilty by a jury of your peers... unless you're OJ, of course. Then all bets are off.
Mr. Lawyer - I fundamentally disagree. This IS a case of government abusing its power to take away property rights of the individual, and it is being driven to do so by a very small minority. Ms. Grieco stated that "over 137" signatures were obtained in support of this. That's less than 1% of the population in Rye. Do you really believe that's an example of the community working together? What EAGR has failed to address is the very real cost to the property owners, both in terms of increased property maintenance costs and the required increase in taxes to cover additional servicing and enforcement, as well as litigation costs.
Average Citizen - Like Ryemom, I'm not involved in the criminal justice system, but... if I were responsible for meting out punishment, it would be 1) suspension from school 2) a number of hours of community service (75-100) 3) banned from athletics for one season 4) mandatory pyschological counseling/ anger management, and 5) a public apology to the town for embarrassing all of Rye.