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Hi Rachel, What I found remarkable about the stats you cited was that they shed convincing light on an old debate about women's-only vs coed schools. Frankly, I was always of the opinion that a hothouse flower wouldn't do very well when it had to go outside in the cold. But apparently this is not the case! But tell me, is it only the Seven Sisters that do this well? That would tend to argue more for the Ivy or old-patrician-girl effect rather than the women's school effect.
Well, I suppose they'd spin it as, "It protects you from us raising our prices because we got ripped off and our insurance went up." But yeah, seriously... :)
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2010 on Are You Believable? at It Sure Beats Working
I'm very glad to hear you point out that many companies have created adversarial, antagonistic relations with their customers. I wonder how far any of them are willing to go to reform that inward-looking culture of denial. I call it "Dementia Presidentia", the syndrome that affects so many executives used to thinking that just because they give the orders, the world is really the way they say it is in their memos.