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great idea Bill, dont forget the ducking stool
3, We should withdraw now and join efta it works for Norway and Switzerland the richest country in europe. in Europe, trading with Europe, not ruled by Europe. 4, As a nipper in Doncaster i paid frequent visits to our outstanding museum packed with Roman artefacts found in various excavations around our Roman town (Danum) it cost between sixpence 21/2p and a shilling 5p to enter pro rata Bill that would be nowhere near £5 however i do agree with charging a minimal sum maybe 10/- (50p) thats within most kids pocket money allowances. 7, need to abolish the HRA first Bill and deport Chami Shakrabati. otherwise i,ll do the birching:-) 9, 100% agree, total waste of time the terrorists are now launching attacks from camps in Yemen, Luton, Leeds, & London. homeland security first priority. country,s have been squabbling over and trying to occupy Afghanistan for over 150yrs the total dead must be phenominal, the Russians alone lost 500,000 men before they realised it was a lost cause.