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Hearing that the ref may not be involved in anymore matches doesn't make me feel better. The man makes a mess of a call that not only could change the complection of the group but of the entire tournament, but also changes the history and the accomplishment for the country and the player. Unfortunately he is a protected figure and doesn't need to be held accountable with a proper explanation of the call.
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2010 on USA 2, Slovenia 2: A Look Back at Soccer By Ives
Andy Boyens Represent!
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2010 on World Cup: SBI's Group F Preview at Soccer By Ives
I just wanna know where he got that cool shirt stick thingy he's running around with in the picture.
In the famous (fake) words of the "Special One": "Nani are you ok, Nani are you ok, are you ok Nani, Nani are you ok?"
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2010 on Nani to miss World Cup at Soccer By Ives
Worst stadium selection ever... They had no idea how to handle traffic. Got off the exit for the stadium at 7 but didnt get into my seat until 8:45 missing the entire first half. Same for leaving, unless you left during the last 15 minutes of the game you were stuck in traffic for at least 1 - 1 1/2 hours to get out of the parking lot.
If anything he can do some more modeling shoots with his girlfriend to make money... or just his girlfriend can do the shoots, maybe thats better
I think Gooch's move is a good one, one that I would probably have made as well if I were in his position. Not only has he been laid off for the majority of the season but it was during his first season and a season that Milan could have def used him. Now he is trying to repay the team while also hopefully putting himself up for a potential lineup in the future. Lets face it, if Gooch left Milan after this less than stellar year I couldn't see him moving onto a bigger team or even a team remotely on par with Milan. Staying there gives him a great shot at Champions League and Italian Cup/League honors. Sometimes its about the accomplishments and enjoyment in life over the amount of money you're making.
When did Andrew Boyens sign for Aris?
No Adu?!?! Thats it, crash and burn, we won't score a goal or even get a point. The world is over... *rolls eyes* Sad about Charlie though but it was always gonna be a stretch.
Nah, its just a dance he used to do at his old youth club team so feel free to make fun of it for its stupidity.
Care to remind us of all of those players who left MLS to go to league 2 that we are considering for the national team? Even Notts County's own fans weren't happy with Rodgers and were happy to see him gone since he wasn't good enough for the standard in league 1 when they get promoted. Everyone was always supportive and sorry to see Jozy/Howard/Bradley etc go. Its not about him being a League 2 player, its about him being a player that isn't anything special and unneeded surplus at the forward position.
Nothing says he won't be signed. I'm just hoping that since his move here before the 15th is in jeopardy that the interest in signing him will subside by the time the summer transfer window opens up. Hopefully by then the team is playing well, we've brought Agudelo/Chinn into the fold as forwards, and a DP forward is brought on. I think Rodgers was more of a stop gap, we can fit him in now so why don't we give him a try kinda guy. I think by the time the summer comes around we will be on to bigger and better things (hopefully).
Rodgers not being able to be signed is the best news for the Redbulls since the new stadium was announced. This guy would have been a waste. Crossing my fingers that Redbull don't have a good lawyer that can find a way around it.
How many posts until a "Ronaldinho to MLS" rumor/suggestion pops up? Aww shucks, I think I just did it to myself :(
I'll admit it, it brought me to tears at one point. Can't wait to see him back on the field.
Toggle Commented Apr 6, 2010 on A salute to Charlie Davies at Soccer By Ives
It would be an ESPN/ABC wet dream if Jones, Davies, Onyewu, and Beasley were all on the field for the US during the World Cup. Think of all the sob stories about how they fought back from adversity to make it to this WC. Couple that with Rooney, Lennon, Cole, Terry/Bridge, and Becks on the England side and they would need a few hours before the match to show all the sad stories.
Really? Two articles on this? I could care less about either team but gee, feels like you're rubbing it in to Chivas fans.
Here we go again...
What are the roster restrictions on GA contracts? If they pull in a GA in the draft wouldn't that put them up to 5? I thought the limit was 4... I know there was a grandfathering or something last year but this year shouldn't they be up to their limit? Stupid MLS rules that I don't understand. Can they bring in two GA players and have 6! players on their team not counting towards their cap?
a year and a half loan... sounds like he isn't wanted anywhere near Portugal anytime soon. Hope he can figure himself and do something but its starting to look to me like he is just another 15-16 year old phenom that never turned into anything. No big deal since it happens all the time, only this one was so overhyped that no matter how well he plays he'll never be able to match our expectations for him. On another topic, now that Coyle has left Burnley, whats up with Holden and his trial? Maybe Aris should just snatch up Holden too while they're at it. They'll need a US website soon enough to sell jersey to all the fans here in the states.
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2010 on Adu seals move to Aris FC at Soccer By Ives
So we need to watch these scrubs play a game for the national team? I'm all for getting new blood out there but I'd much rather we put together a stronger lineup and get these guys playing together as much as possible to lead up to the WC. This seems more like a camp that would take place right after the WC and not just before it. Stupid choice and a waste of a friendly game in my opinion. Sure, I wouldn't expect to pull in all of our top European talent but a few here and there at least. No Freddy Adu? FTW!?!
After thinking on this further I'm a little confused why people are upset about Landon potentially staying in MLS. People always get annoyed that we don't have the depth of talent or the ability to keep our better younger talent in the US to play in this league. Being the poster boy of the league and US soccer, keeping Landon around makes sense. It doesn't show ambition on his part but it shows that MLS is making the right move to keep key players in the league to grow the interest and improve the level of play (same with offering Holden an improved contract).
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2009 on Donovan pens new MLS contract at Soccer By Ives
Wow, will this grandfathering thing ever go away? I thought this was supposed to be phased out but I guess I was wrong. So LA gets two DP slots without the need of having two DP slots. All of this just sounds like MLS bullying Donovan into a longer contract. If he didn't sign a new long term deal they most likely would have chosen to use the 2 additional year options on his previous contract. Also this way with the new contract in place, if a European club does come along looking to snatch him up it won't come cheap. In the end it doesn't really bother me either way I just hope its whats best for him and for the USMNT come next summer.
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2009 on Donovan pens new MLS contract at Soccer By Ives
Where is Zimmerman now? Wasn't exactly a big priority for this club was he? Hall was a give me as he was on a generation adidas contract. If we didn't pick him then everyone would think that he was making it a point to make bad decisions instead of just falling into them as usual. Agoos has plenty of blame that needs to be pointed in his direction from the mishandling of the draft to the offering of guaranteed contracts to players that certainly didn't deserve it. On top of that he threw away money on players like Garcia and Krupnik who had just as many minutes out on the field as the team physio. Osorio and Agoos both deserve all the bad comments they get because together they brought about the train wreck that was last years season. Since Osorio is gone, Agoos is the only whipping boy left. Aside from a handful of "correct by default" decisions he made last year he has made far too many wrong decisions to escape further scrutiny.
Sounds like some positives from his answers but its all words right now. Some people are great at interviews but when it comes to put action to your words they can stumble. As it stands right now he hasn't won me over or turned me off just yet. It will all depend on how the search for a coach, draft signees, and any transfer activity plays out in the next few months. Ultimately any bad decisions that are made either by his staff or by a coach he puts in place will be his fault in my eyes. But on the other hand if things turn out right then that will be on him as well. Things should be exciting over the next few months. At least it'll keep my attention for the team in the off season.