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Great thoughts. I have to disagreed on sales representatives though. The way most sales organizations are structured, forced ranking undermines loyalty. Most representatives have a territory but answer to a manager of several territories...thus they are considered by the manager to be one a "team" of people they also actively compete against. I had the misfortune of being on such a team during my six years in pharmaceutical sales. Ironically, I did my Master's thesis on potential remedies to this situation. (It was never read by top management, but several years later I heard they were implementing a new program from a pricey consulting firm that sounded quite similar to my thesis).
Great collection. Even added a few to my Google Reader list.
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Sad facts. Especially considering how much the numbers support leaders coming from inside rather than outside the organization.
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Good point. But how do you determine what questions to ask?
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Video Book Review is coming along. Looks good. I'll have to add that to my reading list.
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2010 on Video Book Club: Rocket Men at Next Level Blog
Not sure they will create more morale leaders, but hopefully ones who better consider the consequences of their actions. Good post.
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Good post. I'm currently studying coaching models and one of the big elements is disclosure, knowing when to let your followers or clients know about you. Letting people know you can create a incredible bond.
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Good post. Kind of reminds me of the idea of fixed schedule productivity.
Amazing how hard it is for high-profile people to say sorry. Especially when those who say sorry right away usually get back into the spotlight pretty quick.
I like it. More face-to-face time means a greater chance for leaders to develop real relationships with followers and gives LMX theory a chance to work.
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Great idea. I'm looking forward to more videos.
Great post. I haven't seen the movie yet but this makes me committed to seeing it.
Steve, Good post. Reminds me of the W.L. Gore & Associates definition of leader: one who has followers. Basically, no one is given a "leadership" position. Individuals develop a new project and influence others to help. If they do, the influencer becomes a leader.
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Great article. I use Nick Morgan's HBR Guide to communications with some of my graduate students. I'm looking forward to reading the new one.
Good post. This season we focus so much on what we're going to accomplish and do, but finding peace and happiness get neglected often.
Good post. Buckingham had another good differentiation: Managers optimize people's strengths, while leaders rally them to a better future.
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