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Thanks again for an interesting read. I'd like to share an exchange I recently had with a high school acquaintance as an example of how this kind of discussion usually degenerate for me. I had states that we'd have to agree to disagree on the existence of a god, but when I asked if Biblical laws should take precedence over civil/secular law I got: "I will say that I think you need some serious help... It's so sad and pathetic that anyone could be so desperate to get his point across... It's Satan working overtime.... i tried to accept you for you but you just could not let things be... I'm thinking it's best you and your 'partner' go to Canada so you will no longer be spewing your Atheist poison here in the US. You so need to get a life... I hope God saves your soul... I will pray for it... And your new cat too since she is living in an Atheist home. God is good!"
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Greta, I think you've underestimated your ability to handle and give advice on this situation. I know your thoughts have helped me to frame very similar issues in my personal relationships.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2009 on Atheism and Friendship at Greta Christina's Blog
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