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What a fun BIRTHDAY PINK SATURDAY. Happy Birthday to your sweet granddaughter. My oldest grandchild just became a teen, so we've still got a ways to go to 18. :) Have a blessed weekend.
WOW! What a GREAT DAY for EVERYONE! Grandparents and grandkids, included! And what a sweet treat date for your kids! I'm so blessed to have half my grandkids close by and enjoy days like that often. I can't wait til I can see the rest and have fun with them as well. Thanks for such a fun and delightful visit for Pink Saturday.
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2011 on A SURPRISING AFTERNOON! at The Stone Rabbit
My grandkids and I have had fun working through the Resurrection Easter Eggs several times during this season of Lent and talking about the various symbols that teach the different parts to the story of Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection. One is a tiny cup to remind us of just this story. I'm going to have to print this out and show it to them next time we do the eggs. It will be a great visual aid for them. Thank you! And thank you for another delightful Word-Filled Wednesday. Happy St Patrick's Day!
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2010 on Word Filled Wednesday :: Communion at Critty Joy
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What a precious way to encourage us. Thank you :)
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2010 on Word Filled Wednesday at Jean Stockdale...
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Now our grandkids are finding those mini skirts at the store and we're saying no to them. :) Remember the Nehru jackets! :)
Very interesting article - thank you. :) I sometimes get worried about how much I forget. Then I start talking to a 20 or 30 something friend and discover they do the same thing. I've learned - a lot of times it's not age, it's just that we have so much more going on now than we did 20 or 30 years ago, even. So we have to practice selective remembering. I rarely forget the most important things, or even the important things, and that's what counts. :) And I find blogging and tweeting definitely keeps my brain active which is GREAT. :)
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What a great way to encourage us! Thank you! And thank you for hostessing WFW. :)
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2010 on Word Filled Wednesday :: January 20 at Critty Joy
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Hi, I popped over from the Boomers and Seniors: News You Can Use blog carnival. I really enjoyed the article and the cookies sound absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe and the wild talk - wildlife that is :) :) :)