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Here is a response that I posted on BWW: "There have been dozens of discussions here on BWW regarding professionally recording Broadway shows for DVD/TV/Cinema/Pay-per-View. My sentiments all along has been that when a show announces its' closing, there should be plans to professionally record it for some sort of distribution. It's another way to make money while also having the benefit of preserving the work. What Mr. Davenport doesn't address, however, are the costs in producing a professional recording. Just how much does it cost to get a camera crew in there, pay the film director and editors, etc.? I asked Lonny Price his thoughts about why more DVDs aren't make of shows. His response was that the demand was very very high, however the costs doesn't make it worth it. He used CANDIDE as an example. He said it cost $2 million to record the concert of CANDIDE, and they would be LUCKY if they got *half* of it back. So is it worth it, financially? Those numbers aren't available to us. But I would *LOVE* to know how much money it took to record & distribute RENT, and how much they made from the theatrical release and DVD sales. And as for a DVD of the show "hurting" sales for the show on Broadway/Tour...well, I think that argument is no longer valid. When A&E recorded PETER PAN, it certainly didn't hurt the tours that followed. When MTV recorded LEGALLY BLONDE, it didn't close the show and it created a new fanbase for the Tour. IN THE HEIGHTS, JERSEY BOYS, THE LION KING, MAMMA MIA!, MARY POPPINS, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, SHREK, and WICKED are all shows I think make the most sense to record for DVD. Disney, especially, lost a lot of opportunity with their shows. If they had recorded BEAUTY & THE BEAST, AIDA, ON THE RECORD, TARZAN, and THE LITTLE MERMAID...those DVDs could be raking in the dough. Look at all the different types of people to market to: -Theatre fans -Children/Family -Disney fans -Theme park visitors -Disney Cruise Line Pay-per-View -Disney Hotel/Resort Pay-per-View -Disney Movie Club -People (especially kids/teens) wanting to watch to reference for amateur productions Last time I was in the city, a group of 4 college-aged girls were in line and we got to talking. They said they were going to see BEAUTY & THE BEAST. I had to break the news that the show had closed and THE LITTLE MERMAID took the theatre. They said I was wrong because they had seen advertising for it, and sure enough they got to the window and the teller confirmed what I had said. So they saw THE LITTLE MERMAID instead. If these girls got to the theatre and they were selling DVDs of BATB, would one or more of those girls have bought it? Who knows...but they never had that opportunity so we'll never know..."
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