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"Interesting .. .. but applicable to different people." I'm not sure they even really need to be about different people so much as people in slightly different circumstances. Its basicly the same thing going on, believing in one thing when its feels useful to, and believing in something else when that feels better. I would be unsurprised, if Greta herself went from where she describes to what you describe during her implementation of skepticism into her life.
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I have one medium critique, I would say the good evidence is that consciousness is a computational process that happens to actually be implemented only in certain biological objects. So it might be fairly easy for something to not be alive and be conscious, it would though have to have the right sort of computing, which stars manifestly are not, so all this changes is some terms in your argument, (well makes it a little more complex cause you cant just say stars are not neurons, you have exactly what property of neurons stars don't have, i.e. the information processing/communicating ones.)
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