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I have access to a zillion channels on TV, and yet my main source of news is Facebook and Twitter. There's also NBC Nightly News which is on Hulu before the nightly broadcast even airs, and also on their website. I'm sure other news stations offer the same thing. It's all the same news, but without the commercials.
@RJM35126 I do something like that, to lower the average costs. I put my account on hold for a month (or more) at a time, depending on if it's a month I even have time to watch a lot of movies. My Netflix account has been on hold since February this time. I also work at home, and having to make an extra trip just to pick up or return a DVD isn't worth it for me. Mail isn't all that much more convenient for me, since I live in a rural area and only check the mailbox 1-2 times a week.
I haven't made a firm commitment either way yet, but I'm definitely leaning towards dropping Netflix (after being a member since 2003, it feels like a divorce). I already have cable with all the premium channels. I'm finding that VOD is a good replacement for Netflix streaming (especially starz on demand), and Hulu fills in the gaps that Netflix never did. I'll miss the DVDs, but right now it's an extra I can do without.
Whoa, that sites' layout sucks. A little pagination can go a long way.
@Bob Shank: "Send me an e-mail and explain to me, in detail" Why should anyone send you an email? What's the matter, Bob...can't you read comments? Shall I explain how to you how to do so? In detail? Wow...what a dick. There are a myriad of reasons why people can't or don't want to use streaming. Roughly 40% of US households don't have broadband: And why, yes, it's technically possible to stream over 3G (which I use now), there's a whole lot of people who have no idea what 3G is or have access to it; and it's only been very recently that unlimited 3G started being offered. My account has a 3GB base, per month. If I did nothing else all month I could watch 1.5 movies. And not everyone wants to watch movies on their computer. There are many, many more reasons I could detail...but I doubt you'd understand. If you *are* "a stockholder", then you'd be HAPPY that Netflix isn't ignoring those 40% of US households, and trying to offer something for everyone, thereby spreading their user base. Yes, sooner or later everyone *will* switch to streaming. Hopefully by then the Netflix will offer their ENTIRE library of movies via streaming, instead of what they offer now, which isn't much. In the meantime, by enticing people who aren't into streaming as customers by DVDs-by-mail seems like a very wise business move by Netflix. what have I been doing wrong all this time? I thought people always had to sign in to comment...
Personal attacks have no place in a discussion about Netflix, of all things, for crying out loud. I also got the feeling it was one person using fake names/email addresses, etc. That old saying about "one bad apple" is true. Ban their IP and move on. It may take a few times if they have a dynamic IP for them to get the message. The other option is to move to moderated comments. For those looking for a "swear-free environment"...good luck with that. You must not spend much time online.
I'm surprised you've held off this long. I *do* sympathize with the "Once I start, where do I stop?" sentiment, and I applaud your conviction, but at the same time you need to look at what's best for the whole (community). Beyond the obvious spammers, you have trolls, whose only purpose here is to disrupt legitimate conversation. Some comments in this post are proof of that, sadly. On the other hand, you/your blog/your community has some very thoughtful and active members, who bring a lot to the conversation. It would be a shame to see their voices drown out by the trolls/spammers. Fight the good fight.
Seriously? $0.00 I'm way happier with what Hulu offers for free than what Netflix charges for.
It would be nice if someone made an app/software for those of us on 3G netbooks.
I've never understood why cable and other ISPs view Netflix as competition (hear me out). Streaming any service, especially Netflix, requires FAT PIPES (mega-bandwidth). The more streaming, the higher the need for more bandwidth.
Yes! Otherwise how else would I remember which movies are Watch Instantly ones, and the ones I want to watch? You might as well ask "Why do you need a queue longer than 10 movies".... The way the movie list is this service made for streaming on a mobile phone? On a regular computer, to me, that's really annoying.
When I lived in the city I had cable Internet (I telecommute and a decent Internet connection is a must), with only the basic cable TV package. A year ago I moved to a rural area, where the only Internet available is AT&T DSL (after some initial bumps it hasn't been bad at all) for half of what I paid Comcast for HSI, and satellite (DISH Network) TV that I pay $20 a month for through a shared line. It's very rare that I watch anything on TV besides the news. Like others have said, there's typically nothing on worth watching (beyond what I have subscribed to on Hulu). And also like others have said, why would anyone want to pay upwards of $100 a month and still have commercials? I have a 2nd laptop that streams Hulu and Netflix very well, and I can catch up on the shows I like as I work. I don't mind the commercials on Hulu one bit, since they're allowing me to watch what I want, *when* it's convenient for me. And yes, I have a DVD Recorder, but it's a PITA to work. I don't know if I'm "typical" or not, but I just don't have time to do nothing BUT sit and watch a TV show. Most shows don't require 100% of my attention, anyway.... :) I think if more TV providers moved towards "TV On Demand", consumers might be more willing to pay for it. But why pay obscene prices for shows that are broadcast at a time when the network decides, and with almost more commercials than content? To me, it's a no-brainer.
I adore Hulu...but I can't imagine anything they could add that would make it worth $9.95 a month to me. Now the commercials I don't mind a bit, and if they added more I still wouldn't mind. I'd rather have more commercials than pay cold hard cash. But that's just me.
I don't see one day as being that big a deal, even if it is Saturday. I too have had Netflix since long before they processed on Saturdays. I did think the USPS was considering suspending Tuesday service, though, a while back. As far as Netflix goes, I think no Saturday delivery would be a little easier to plan around. :)
That autoplay is annoying as hell.