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Carolyn Andrews-Allred
Gibsonville, NC
Artist/Mom/Teacher/Healer/Interfaith Minister
Interests: i paint and i swim...i am an earth girl and i love playing with our two husband and i have a regular "date" on sunday morning, which is brunch, which he cooks for me, or takes me out to our favorite place in burlington, "burlington diner"...
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Leola, first of all...if you BELEIVE IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TURN THE 58 YEAR OLD SCORPIO MALE ON...then, you have, by your words, gotten your wish... Change the verbiage you use in daily life,and shortly after, you WILL see a change..I am married to a 62 year old man...and, over time, I have convinced him that he is a handsome man...first he said he was glad he married a blind girl...and then, he began to believe...and small things become bigger, and better... If you are committed to a person, then relax and be the woman that he MUST MAKE LOVE TO!! It will happen!
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