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I don't think it's crazy to say no driving and no cars. I used to feel that "Auto-Free New York" was an unrealistic position. But then I thought about it, and I think it's fine as a long-term goal. Yes, it's unrealistic to want everyone to stop driving tomorrow, but I think we need to show some imagination, and be open to the possibility of living car-free. Think about this quote from J.H. Crawford: I support the New Urbanism but strongly prefer the pure car-free solution, as the advantages are even greater. Once the last car disappears from the street, it becomes a playground for people of all ages. This can be seen any day in Venice or Fes. Peace, safety and tranquility settle over the street, and a rich and vibrant social life takes the place of the stink, noise, and danger of cars.
What's wrong with being anti-car?
If you call them "pedestrian scrambles" as seems to be popular in Oceania, you run the risk of forgetting their history and one of their early promoters, Henry Barnes, who was transportation chief in (successively) Flint, Denver, Baltimore and New York. I've seen the largest number of them in Denver. It's very important to make the distinction, as J does, between intersections where the only chance for pedestrians to cross is the Barnes Dance, and those where the Barnes Dance supplements phases where pedestrians are allowed to cross with parallel car traffic. In your analogy, it's like having the option of either transferring now or waiting for a direct bus or train. I like the supplementary Barnes Dances, but I have much more mixed feelings about the ghettoized Barnes Dances.
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2009 on on scramble crossings at Human Transit
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