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Indeed - the future for media agencies is not great. And also, as a never tire of saying to clients "Stop buying media and start making media. Media is just distribution and distribution is now free".
Toggle Commented Sep 20, 2010 on The last media agency at Feeding the Puppy
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How great to read this post. I have long been of the belief that we analyse social media the wrong way - using the processes we used to assess traditional mass media, instead of developing an approach that recognises what the social media revolution is all about. As a result we pay insufficient attention to noise and nonsense, when this is actually the foundation that social media rests upon. Our definition of noise has been shaped by the requirements of traditional media to focus on content of mass appeal. We assume that there is no room within anything that is 'published' for information that is only of interest for a very small group of people - something I call the concept of 'The Sanctity of Publication' However, social media is all about individual relevancy - i.e. what you say in it, or what you select from it, is never noise to you - it just appears as such to others. Your points about the center and context are spot on - it is these ever shifting, intangible vectors that determine influence in social media. To these I would add the concept of connectivity - because the process of connection is what turns individual pieces of noise or nonsene into collective pieces of intelligence. As I always say - one of the key shifts that social media is introducing is the shift of influence from place (newspaper, website) to space (conversation, twitter tag). Acts of observation are replacing acts of publication. This sits alongside the other shift - which is the shift of trust from institutions to processes. And all of this is a (relatively) predictable outcome of the fact that at its heart, the social media revolution is all about the separation of information from a means of distribution. We forget just how much our notions of content and influence have been shaped by the requirement for information to be linked to a particular means of distrubution. Information has now been freed and this is creating new forms and structures that are not distribution dependent. Anyway - it frustates me at the lack of social media experts who really seem to have gained an insight into the fundamentals that lie at the heart of the social media revolution - so it is good to find someone who is on the case. For more on this:
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2009 on In Defense of Noise at CorporatePR