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I think Netflix has terrible timing and made this change pretty badly. They didn't explain enough, and they seemed flippant about it. They lost tons of respect and loyalty, and their brand has been destroyed in a lot of ways. I'll probably never look at the them the same way. The content providers, however, are also shooting themselves in the foot, and the chest, and the face too. They seem to have NO idea what consumers want and no idea how to give it to them. Like the RIAA and record companies slowly destroyed their branding, the studios are doing the same thing. It's amazing to see the way the top brass of these companies seem to treat their's as if they could not care less if they ran away all their consumers and kicked them in the butt on the way out the door. Maybe some day some of these companies will boot the dummies in corporate who have no idea what the avg consumer wants and is willing to accept and we'll get some things working again.
I just called to reinstate my account after I saw they're adding 'Amanda' and 'Dumping Lisa.' I'd be crazy not to. Forget the fact that it looks as if most of the BBC titles will be gone from streaming in a few days...uhhh they're adding 'A Lure.' No brainer, sign me up!!
Someone made the great point- this 60% increase for combo plan hurts the people who watch of their stuff streaming more than the others. You're not going to pay 60% more for the luxury of 1-3 dvds per month. The large turn over people who get 10+ discs a month will be much more likely to shell out the 60% increase...BUT, the quick turn over people are the ones who are unprofitable for Netflix. Doesn't make sense.
The ADA is a disaster that costs business a ton of money to kowtow to a very small, yet often whiny, minority. How does a person somehow think it's their federally protected right to watch episodes of The A Team? It's absurd. I can't even imagine how much time, effort, money, and new technology Netflix most likely has to put into effect to caption every single video stream. And why should they be force to anyway? It's nice to have, but federal law? It's insane. Remember,this is the same law people have used to demand that comedy clubs provide a person doing ASL off to the side of the stage for the hearing impaired.
Ugh. This is why I can't stand broadband companies. This is the sort of thing that naturally happens when they offer a product unlimited for 14 years, then decide it's better to cap the data instead of upgrading their networks. Why innovate with new technologies in the coming years when companies do things that inherently limit innovation? And why do these same companies keep advertising higher and higher speeds...just so you can meet your cap even sooner?!
Great. Way to ruin an opportunity to make a good film by making it pro-illegal alien. Good move. Lost about 70% of the nation. Honestly tho, Rodriguez is undeservedly praised as a visionary, when 99% of his movies stink. Spy Kids 112!
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There need to be some heads that roll at AT&T here soon. No wonder they're the lowest rated of the major cellular providers. They bid for exclusive iphone rights, knowing damned well what the iphone would be used fact, they charge a mandatory $30 data fee from ALL iphone users (apparently, hundreds of millions of dollars doesn't get ya much these days?!), then when users use the phone they wanted exclusively for the purpose it was intended, they cry foul?! Hey customers, we're going to offer all these services, but when you actually use them we're going to punish you for it. Metered billing, whether it's on cell phones or broadband will kill innovation. Wake up and smell the coffee, folks- new technologies eat up more and more bandwidth. You have a few choices, upgrade your network to handle it, shut down, or just say bye bye to your customers as you put in practice stupid measures like these. It's sort of like the cable company demanding that you keep watching black and white TV, because dag nabbit those color TV feeds use up so much more bandwidth, and we can't have that! These companies will do anything possible to stifle innovation and progress.
I bought a 3 month sub last yr for our company Christmas. Doing the same thing this year. Put the printout certificate in a bag filled with popcorn and movie candy, and it seemed like so much more. :)
No thanks. Comcast is offering this, but it counts against your bandwidth cap. You can only get so much money out of each cable customer. Without the cap, looks interesting, with the cap- not worth it. Eventually cable companies will start capping cable TV itself and meter usage. They will find a way.