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Hey Dan, This didn't sound as alien to me as it might have a year ago. I work in Scotland which, in social media terms is a bit behind the US. However in late 2008 my PR company, Holyrood Partnership, completely revamped its website( to start doing a lot of the things you are talking about in this post. We now upload most releases to our own site prior to issue (unless they are being pitched to some media for exclusive use). Though we still issue old-fashioned Word document releases (because they are still favoured by our traditional media), we also include a link to our site, where the content can be viewed that way, should the receiving media prefer. Also on our site we host multiple photo galleries for each client - and can also issue links to those. Receiving media (whether online or traditional) can view the images and take them direct from our galleries. Or, if they need higher res (for print purposes) they simply let us know which they need. This means we aren't clogging their inboxes with unsolicited images. Our site also hosts relevant videos for a number of clients, while we also upload it to our own YouTube channel. So, when we send our media releases for those clients, we will also include a link to the video. While I realise this isn't revolutionary, I should put this in perspective by pointing out that we remain the only agency (out of around 200) in Scotland doing this with video. We will also issue media releases through many PR listing channels - the most valuable to us is, though we use many others as well. We also upload a foreshortened version (usually 5-6 pars) of any media release to a separate blog on the Wordpress platform. Finally, we send out a link to the press release through our Twitter account (@holyroodmedia) and encourage our clients to do the same on their Twitter accounts. The final aspect from our point of view is to collate as much of the coverage as we can. This is then added to the client's dedicated section on our website. What this means is that each client's individually branded section on our website includes all of their press releases, coverage, photos, video and website contact details, where we bring it all together for free. This is one of the services our client's most appreciate. Most do not have the staff/resources/knowledge/will to maintain their own "news pages" or to keep such pages up to date. So the other great advantage in all of this work is that most of our clients now includ links from their websites to ours. They get a full branded and up-to-date news page with content far richer than their competitors offer. We get the link benefit and additional traffic. Not quite the the content wave you described - but I'm glad to see we have got elements of it! Cheers for now, Scott Douglas
Brilliant! A man called Andy Green told me this week that guru is a convenient get-out for people who can't spell charlatan.