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Dear Brooks, First thank for taking the time to answer my questions. Here are my answers: Q. What are your feelings about entering competitions? A. Feel the same as you, I get turned off when I get to the entry fees, and since I usually haven't a clue who is judging my work and how many tens or hundreds or thousands of entries there are, competitions for me are just a very expensive pot luck affair. Q. How do you feel about photographing the same things or rather in the same places over and over again? A. I do it all the time, I have my favorite places and favorite subjects and it is always a tremendous challenge and reward to find new images. Q. Do you find more inspiration in a totally new environment? A. No, it takes me a while to get the feel of a new environment and once discovered I have to go back all the time seeking out images. Q. Who do you photograph for? Yourself? A. Yes and only for myself Q. If so why show your work to others? A. I like the comments, I like the exposure, I like to sell my work and I like to have people recognize me as a photographer, but all these are ego builders and somewhat selfish reasons. Q. And, if a photographer does show his work what are the pitfalls of searching for ego builders? A. Very great, you can really get a swelled head from too many compliments Q. I once exhibited with an artist who's major aim was for fame, she manages to sell her work easily, I must confess that of fame and money I would like to sell my work rather than become famous from it, what are your feelings about fame or money (or neither?) A. Fame is fleeting and everybody is famous for a day. Money and livelihood are a delicate balance between hard work and God's grace.
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Brilliant, spot on observations regarding how we see photographs. Raw is my negative and Lightroom is my film developer, enlarger, paper and paper developer. I only print on demand, for sale (rarely) and for exhibiting. I grew up mixing my own developers and the digital age is just another transition stage in the evolution of image making. Making Photographs though hasn't changed very much in the last 120 years.