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Excellent post, Aliza! I think as long as Klout has zero transparency, they will have zero credibility. The whole thing is a joke! But unfortunately, many people DO think it is accurate and use it.
Oh, thank you for preaching it! I am constantly arguing that you can write for spiders and humans and do BOTH well.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2010 on The Challenges of SEO Copy at Cecily Kellogg
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This is such excellent insight and advice. It can also be tough as an entrepreneur to know where to draw the line (both as picker and pickee.... why does that sound kind of gross? LOL). Thanks for sharing this.
Wow, such excellent points. And Alan, you really get to the root of it. Children do not learn to behave properly in public (as children or later as adults) by only being kept home or taken to designated kid places like Chuck E. Cheese. Quite the opposite. Our first lived with us in France at age 1. We took her to fancy restaurants, to cathedrals, to museums like the Louvre, to city markets, and we rarely had ANY issues. Why? Because she was well practiced in being out in public. As soon as we returned to the states and she went to her first "family friendly" restaurant, she acted out. And not only did she learn how to behave in public, but she LEARNED. You know, that wacky thing called stimulus. Kids NEED IT! I don't care if that bothers a few select uptight people. We are part of a community here. I don't complain if I have to walk more because someone is parked in a handicapped spot. I don't whine if I see a dog inside a shop because the owner is blind. I don't complain if I have different views from someone because it just isn't how I think. That is part of participating in a community. Only thing I really feel the need to complain about? Bigoted people who stereotype and DO feel they are entitled at the expense of someone else's rights. Ahem.
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Sad that you don't even see you are completely stereotyping all kids as maniacs. No wonder people stereotype you. You sound, oh, suspiciously like someone who grew up to be entitled and arrogant.
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You being bi, fat and pagan is surely offensive to some people. I guess we'd better keep you at home, then. (Since you clearly missed the entire point of the post).
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