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Sorry, Indiana does not legislate the vaue of pi. However, there are penty of dumb laws in Indiana, according to My favorite is the last one. Law Summary: The value of Pi is 3. Full text of the Law *Not an actual law* Was proposed in the 1897 session of the Indiana General Assembly. Engrossed Bill No. 246. The bill was passed in the house of representatives, but it was indefinately postponed in the Senate. That status remains today. Check forgery can be punished with public flogging up to 100 stripes. Pedestrians crossing the highway at night are prohibited from wearing tail lights. No one may catch a fish with his bare hands. Men are prohibited from standing in a bar. You are not allowed to carry a cocktail from the bar to a table. Drinks on the house are illegal. Drinking from your own bottle in a bar can lead to your arrest. You are required to pour your drink into a glass. “Spiteful Gossip” and “talking behind a person’s back” are illegal. State government officials who engage in private duels can be dismissed from their post. All males 18 to 50 years old must work six days a year on public roads. Mustaches are illegal if the bearer has a tendency to habitually kiss other humans.
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