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Great comments all around. I like how there are a variety voices coming through. I am always intrigued by the way that the "calvinism" is portrayed. This concept of the "new calvinism" is particularly interesting. Mostly because it is pointing to a very small slice of the pie. The reformed tradition so much broader and richer than this new generation of reformed baptists. I particularly think of a denomination like the Evangelical Presbyterian Church or the Covenant Church. I also think about the early generations of reformers and it was they who spear-headed social just as a result of their covenantal hermeneutic (this hermeneutic doesn't exist as much in the new calvinism because most are not reformed but progressive dispensationalists who still hold to their separation of OT and NT). Although labels seem to be necessary evils (clearly I use them) I like to think it's time in this emerging, global, generation to begin the process of setting aside these silly divisive labels for the sake of the mission. What is egalitarians could embrace their complementarian siblings as the "weaker brother" (or vice versa), what if the arminian could do the same calvinist (or vice versa)? What if we rallied about mission for the sake of the kingdom and stopped with all the, "I follow Paul, I follow Apollos, oh, yeah, well I follow Jesus" nonsense that was supposed to be done away with in the first century? Could it happen?