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When I am feeling stressed I like to turn off any noise producing items, lower the lights and sit in a comfy chair. Then I close my eyes and take ten slow deep breaths. I think about all the material things that I have and the people in my life who I love and who love me and I am reminded of how lucky I am and I focus on the gratitude for what I have been given. So much of what stresses us is temporary and will be so easily replaced by something else the next day. Try to focus consciously on the more important things and let the rest fade away . . .
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I would love to own the Creatopia because of its versatility and potential for use. I still own the Xyron 850 (after many of my friends have moved on to updated versions)because it continues to meet my crafting needs. I love Xyron's product quality and having all of these functions in one machine would be such a great space saver as well!