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Dec 10, 2009
Mikey - fantastic way to start, my friend! Truly inspiring! Having been coached by you many times, I know you take each of these principles seriously and its reflected in everything you do. You are an amazing man, amazing coach, and amazing friend. I hope you realize the value of your post - words to live by indeed :)
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2009 on The Delta 5 and CrossFit at Mikey Vecchia's blog
Pony - I loved the article :) Commented on your blog. Stephen loved your last line and so agree! Kathleen - one day at a time mama! j9 - Herm and I seriously have to make it a point NOT to talk about CF sometimes. I will be driving up to bring him HOME (here) soon and we quickly pondered and squashed the idea of stopping at an affiliate. I want us to take in the beautiful drive and enjoy the journey that is the beginning of the next part for us :) Thanks for the well wishes. I adore this man more than words. Sometimes I dont feel worthy of this person who justloves me no matter what, who supports me and takes care of me, when Im not so bright and shiney, but then I say why wouldnt I deserve the best? Why not me?? He truly is and I thank God for him in my life every day :) Olive juice!!
Yay!! new site!! CONGRATS to two of my favorite people :) much
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2009 on The Beginning: at CrossFit Rising
YES!!! One the most important thing about falling off the Paleo wagon is learning to get back on! Happy Birthday Rebe!
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2009 on Managing your weekends at Paleo Chix
Pony - Boo for the flu!!! I forgot something huge happened this morning!! My Karina asked for an egg, Larabar and berries this morning for breakfast cause she just started gymnastics and wanted to feel STRONG so she can swing on the bars someday like she saw the big girls doing!! Proud mama moment :)
you guys crack me up!
yes, sir. I love me some critters ;)
Cyn - how funny you should post that today - i go home for lunch every day and discovered I was out of EVOO so i made my veggie critters with coconut oil - really interesting taste :)
A staple recipe for me!! And the butternut squash w agave nectar... DEVINE!!!
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2009 on Sometimes you just "gotta" do it! at Paleo Chix
j9 - im betting Herm can come up with something for you :) Paul - thanks for the red sauce recipe. I have become someewhat anti social at work, so i am slowly making an attempt to make an appearance now and again. I went with a few co-workers to celebrate November birthdays mariscos style (mexican seafood). I did pretty well. I did eat a few chips, orderd the fish tacos and didnt eat the tortilla. It was kind of nice to have company during my usual lunchhour alone. Xtina - thinking of you!!! Chin up girl! Pony - sosososososssssooo glad to hear you are doing well. Miss you! Cyn - where yat?
My cold is in full swing now :( BLAH! Hoping I feel better by wod time. C&J are not do-able with my foot though. I went tothe workers comp doc yesterday. They re x-rayed it and are ow saying i will go to a specialist monday. In the meantime they gave me a giant frankenstein boot to immobilize my foot. I told them a thousand times I can walk on it just fine, its the flexion and extension of my foot that is painful. I will give it a few days though. Started a new challenge in my household - no cursing. I have a huge potty mouth. For about a year now I have let the girls cuss in the house so they would get it out of their systems and realize how dumb they sound. Well, times up. I presented them with the plan for all of us this morning. Poeky - you cook the most amazing things WOW! J9 Congrats on the PR!
Talk about exposing yourself..... there is the ugly truth of my fridge!! Not too bad I guess. Interesting how much its changed though. You can tell what's mine and what the girls still have. Okay since ya'll can see my fridge contents, i will go to the pantry.... Evoo coconut oil italian seasoning sea salt basil almonds walnuts LARABARS almond meal rasins I finally found a decent size jar of coconut oil and gladly paid the $18 for it. Oh well. Quality food. Jenn i thought of you.... got a new flavor Larabar... was so stoked about choclate mint - BARF!!! It tasted worse than cold medicine!!! NOT A FAN!!! Remembering all the vets out there... thank you does not seem adequate.
Nice job honey!!! J9 - ridiculously amazing woman!PB - next time just mentally hear US screamin "GO JER GO!!!" and you'll get that PR!! See, didnt take long for your metcons to come back :) Gene - high five on the PR buddy!!! A-Todd - REST!!! I dont have a fever, just a cold i suppose so Im gonna muscle through. Corey you are so inspiring. Your heart and passion for all you do is amazing!!! Remember that and reflect on that - we cant always PR or have awesome wods but we CAN support and INSPIRE even on our worst days :) (note to self- take my own advice!!) Pony - waiting for news!!! Stpehn, Franiel, Xtina, Paul - where yat? Rebe, Jakers, Kathleen, JJ, Goat?? So.... we were to do a 5k run today. Foot is still to sore to run. Coach tells me the sub is a 6k row. I think that's BS and maybe im wrong, but I just do it anyhow. so... 6k row 30:02. I had to puase and wipe my nose a few hundred times but it was okay. Farthest Ive ever rowed.
Im here and ready to go! Sorry bout the mishap. I am extremely hard on myself about certain things where I need to adopt the i dont give a ^%#@ attitude i have in other areas. But the fact is I do care, because its people I love involved. So I regrouped, took care of sick kids for the last 4 days, got my house in order and Im ready to rock. My foot is still not 100%. Sick kids has meant not getting to the doctor. That is the goal for the week. I feel a cold coming on as well so I started with dayquil this morning. We are doing the 50 today. I will sub box jumps for step ups and DUs with rows. Looking forward to the suckfest!! Herm ordered our bar and bumpers yesterday!!!!!! EXCITED!!! Goat you look so serious in that pic!!! And there's my gurl!! I love that pic :) New addiction... AGAVE NECTAR!!! Someone posted about banana, almond butter, raisins and agave nector - OH YEA!!! Delicious! Herm & I call each other honey, but i told him last night the agave is much sweeter som imma call him that now lol! Cyn, Steven,PB and Pony - you are my angels - thank you for not letting me get too far down my dark hole before bringing me back!! In other news.... Corey is coming for a visit in a few weeks!! YIPPY!! I love seeing "family". Herm&I are stoked :)
Oh i forgot to share something.... i have a new issue. I put on a blouse i havent warn in a few months and the arms are tight - its short sleeved :) Wow i guess i may be gaining some muscle i didnt know i had! Pony - thanks for the giggles this morning :) <3 u!
One sick Monkey today (alyssa) Im worried it will spread quickly though the house. The go to their dads for 4 days starting tomorrow and I cant stand the thought of not being able to care for them. Pokey - Herm will tell you how badly my tummy suffered!! Pretty much like yours - not good on a cruise ship!!! How romantic!!!Feel better dude Jenn- all we can do is pass on the info. So right..... when they are ready!!! Hope you drank somethin for me!! No wod last night. I ended up having my kids on their dad's night, so i feel compltetely recharged and ready to go tonight with the extra rest day thrown in. Nice wod luvie!! Have a great day everyone!
Ive been chatting for a week now with a new CF friend about recipes. Im gonna go through this blog all weekend and pull them out so she can put them in pdf form - how cool is that?? Once its all compiled I will have Herm attach it here in a way that we can add to it.
Jenn - the lifts are still a work in progress for me too!! What i know, Im finding out now from Herm that I've been doing them incorrectly. Once he moves here and we have more time to dedicate I will be all about the pvc!! Couple that with the fact I hit my boobs A LOT with bar!!! OUCH!!! I think the most important thing for all of us in this challenge is to just make an effort to do better than we would have done, pre-challenge. WODs are sometimes hard to get to, food everywhere, but if you change it up and pass on this or that or get a wod in at a busy time, then that's a win!! FYI.... for my snack today i tried the samples of the new LARABARS - Jocalat and Tropical fruit - TWO THUMBS UP!!! WOW!!!!
A CFr in Alabama sent me this this morning - Go Cori! Italian Meatballs: 2 pounds extra lean ground beef (buffalo works well also and I’m sure ground turkey, too if you’re opposed to red meat) 2 splashes of olive oil (prolly 2 tbsp) Minced garlic, however much you like (I used about 2-3 tablespoons) – also if you can find a “roasted minced garlic” that’s fabulous also 1 finely chopped red onion About a cup of chopped mushrooms, whatever kind you like 2-3 eggs (gonna depend on the consistency once you get to mushing it up; I started with 2, then added a 3rd one) Basil, oregano, white pepper and rosemary to taste (ranging from 1-3 tbsp depending on the flavors you tend to favor) Diced tomatoes (if you like but not necessary. Make sure you’re conservative or the meatballs won’t hold together due to too many veggies) Put all of this in a bowl and squish together with hands until mixed well and can form meatballs. Form meatballs about 1 ½ - 2” thick. Cook in oven on 350 for 25 minutes or until done. (I cooked them on a rack with small grates that goes on top of a pan to catch/expel the grease. I can’t remember what this particular pan is called, but if you don’t have something like this, you can fashion one, I’m sure.)