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"More importantly, both HP and IBM have enormous services, system integration and outsourcing businesses - EDS (now HP Enterprise Services) and IBM Global Services respectively. I'd offer that HP and IBM are not entirely motivated to create an open ecosystem of multiple partners and players -- it's in direct conflict with a big piece of their existing business models." Yes, HP has ES, *BUT* we also have the largest channel partnership in the world. Without doubt the main reason that HP is the #1 Vendor worldwide with revenues of $130Bn... .. and HP's not motivated to create an open ecosystem of partners?? We're only the #1 with Oracle / SAP / Microsoft / Linux / Virtual Machines and Desktops. If I was a customer who wanted vendor lockin, then I would definitely go look at VCE. UCS even uses its own version of ethernet!
Toggle Commented Nov 3, 2009 on Announcing The VCE Coalition at Chuck's Blog
Can I try and put this article in one paragraph Chuck? I'm a channel focused Technical Advisor within HP. Basically, Arcadia will sell a silo'ed solution, and charge for the install. The customer will then move (or create new) parts of the Datacenter Applications to this new silo'ed solution. You measure it. Customer loves it. Then you can: a) sell direct to customer. b) Sell through an SI. c) sell through a reseller. In the case of B & C, Arcadia can charge for the install, and SI / Reseller adds there value, while learning to do the install themselves. Is that right? If so, how is this any different to the traditional approach? HP installs or demo's a Proof of Concept (no charge), and can run it for up to 3 months. Customer sees benefits. Customer purchases solution over time. If Customer wants to deal with HP themselves, then they can go and speak to ES (Enterprise Services, formally EDS). Alternatively customer can buy direct, and get the install from qualified EB (Enterprise Business) engineers. Finally, the customer can go to a qualified HP Gold partner (who include many of the SI's) who also have the skill in house to help install and support this solution. HP will always provide the training and support to these partners. Remember, the HP Channel are what has made HP the #1 IT Company in the world. Chuck, you should look into what HP Converged Infrastructure is all about. Virtualized - Resilience - Orchestration - Optimisation - Modular.
Toggle Commented Nov 3, 2009 on Introducing Acadia at Chuck's Blog