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George, that is how the law was originally written. It has been modified, but reasonable suspicion can be almost anything. In my area, it has been confirmed that police have checked immigration status on people reporting a crime. It hasn't happened often, but it has happened enough that there is a real fear of reporting a crime, staying at the scene of an accident when you were not at fault, reporting illegal job practices, etc. I think as a matter of policy, police should never be allowed to check immigration status, until a person has been charged with another crime. Suspicion is not enough.
Thanks for the post. I do not have any good solutions for the immigration problem. I can see lots of bad solutions but very few good ones. This act seems like a good solution. My wife teaches at a school with a lot of immigrants, both legal and illegal. The children are caught. Most of the kids are citizens but are jerked around or have their families split up because of parent's legal status. This is exactly the need for the girl in my area that may national news because she was stopped at a traffic stop and her immigration was checked. She is a good student, one year short of college graduation, lived most of her life in the US. And other than driving without a license, her and her family are good law abiding citizens. The kind of people we want as immigrants. I don't have any good answers.
I support the right of this group to do the ad at the Super Bowl. I am pro-life and am glad that Tim Tebow wants to be a pro-life spokesperson. But I do kind of wonder why so much has been put into this ad. Tim Tebow was born in the Philippines, not the US. Abortion was illegal when he was born and continues to be illegal now. But there are still about 400,000 abortions a year there. According to government data, 12 percent of all maternal deaths are due to botched abortions. I fully support the pro-life message and their right to share it, just not sure this should be the message we are fighting for.
I understand the motivation for writing this and don't completely disagree. But then I keep hearing person after person that is their saying that the professional aid workers are in the cities and not getting into the country. They keep saying that especially initially they needed many more workers. It has been widely reported that there were a number of orphanages that had very few if any adults and lots of kids, no skilled labor needed. I understand that people need some basic intelligence and need to be prepared. I also understand that not all volunteers are useful or prepared. But neither are all aid workers. What about the professional aid workers that have been buying prostitutes? Blanket statements are rarely helpful.
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2010 on Don't Go To Haiti at Good Intentions Are Not Enough
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