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Thanks for the shout-out, Jen! Isn't that concert-hall-turned-bookstore just amazing? It is definitely on my bucket list.
I also had flagged the DC Parents article! Amazing stuff. Hope it was a restful 10 days and that powering up the computer again wasn't too overwhelming.
Oh, I am so glad you got Zoe's annual directory ... I saw it, but too late for press! It is amazing how powerful letter writing can be. In C's 4th grade class, they have to write a letter to someone every Friday and then the recipient has to write back so they can read on Monday. What an amazing transformation in C's writing ability!
Yeah! An excuse to go to the bookstore this weekend!
Oh, it is a perfect companion to those books, Jen. This was the first Jean Little book I'd read, and I just adored it ... for all the reasons you talked about.
I am just arriving at Hogsmeade but am marveling at all that is there. Avonlea has a lure for many ... we had lots of references to Anne Shirley last week. I wish I could lure you-know-who to visit with me!
Yeah Jen! Welcome back ... it's been 6 months already? Tons of new reading to do! I can see Thomas Spence's point about gross-out and potty humor. For me there's a difference between meeting them where their interest lie (e.g., Sports Illustrated for Kids) and feeding them more of "the same," just repackaging it.
Man, how did I miss Kelly's post? That is definitely $5 well spent! Thanks Jen, glad you're wading back into the waters.
Thanks, Jen ... it only took (almost) nine years, so you've got time! I know you're not too far from it, as we are of like minds again. I left a comment at Rasco from RIF about the Boston item!
That IS a great question ... and thanks for so many props during the interview. I can't believe it's Cybils time already! I am very excited about the chance to nosh on some great books. I'm always amazed at how many I havent' read!
Thanks for this Felicia. I can't wait to see the list ... we are always on the lookout for books that are sure-fire hits with young kids!
Toggle Commented May 27, 2010 on Your Baby and Early Literacy at Mom Central Baby
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This sounds great. I never did get to Hush, Little Dragon ... now I've got two for my list. I read your book reviews - particularly your PB reviews - totally different now. Do you see them with a different eye?
Wow, Jen! I sure missed a lot when I was recovering on the couch! What a week ... and just 2 more until Share a Story. Squee! Hope that laryngitis is better!
Last night as I was watching the news, they kept talking about President Obama's budget cuts but not one reporter mentioned RIF, the education, or library cuts. They talk about unemployment rates, but that's driven (in part) by people who can't read. It's a well-worn path, I'm afraid.
Dawn, you should definitely check out Dragon Wishes by Stacy Nyikos. It is a lovely story, and there is a whole subplot about preparing for Chinese New Year and all of the symbolism.
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Anne, let me pile on my thanks for all your hard work. Those of us who blog know how much goes into a "regular" post, much less a set as extensive and link-laden as these. My second year as a panelist was as fun as my first, and you, Sheila, and the Category Organizers make it so easy for us to read all these nominees. THANKS!
Those are interesting questions, Dawn. I had anticipated a question about screen time, but not "do you spend money on things that speak to my soul." Of all the questions, that one is the one I'm spending the most time mulling over ... I'd just never thought about it. But, then again, maybe when I reach for that chocolate bar in the checkout line, I am ;-)
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Wow, Jen! Like you, I am falling woefully behind in my reading. Thanks for pointing me to some of the must-read links!
Does looking at the number in your blog reader go up count? I'm one of those people who believe that there are basic math things we can all *get* but that we're either wired for math or not ... I'm in the "not" part.
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I just realized (with a little research) that this edition of the roundup celebrates 1 year of sharing the weekly roundups. We've come a long way since November 10, 2008. Salud!
**blushing** It's been great to have a partner. Because we find different things, it has really enriched the roundups! Safe travels, Jen.
Thanks Jen! I was racking my brain about why I knew Angie Sage's name ... we're reading Araminta Spookie these days.
Thanks for the kind words! Roscoe is among some fine company in the short chapter book half of the Easy Reader/Short Chapter Books category. It has been fun catching up with some "old" friends!