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Look out: it's getting close to the stage when it finally dawns on the narcissistic sociopath that it's all a complete, hopeless clusterfrack, at which point he blames the people for being unworthy of his most excellent mojo and gives orders to destroy everything and everyone.
"Thelma and Louise" a feelgood-buddy-roadtrip film? Empowering to grrrrlllz? Jesus on a popsicle stick, don't people ever get tired of praising the emperor's beautiful new raiment? Tell me, you really, truly LIKE this movie? Because saying it's a downer is like saying the Titanic didn't meet it's cruise schedule. It's anarchic, not empowering. It's furiously angry, full of misogynistic rage and self-hatred, and downright nihilistic and hopeless. As those nutty kids "empower" themselves they turn vicious vigilante (but it's girls, so it's okay, I guess), commit what arguably is a manslaughter, (but it's girls, so it's okay, etc.) intentionally place in life-threatening danger several law enforcement officers doing nothing but their jobs (but it's girls, etc), and through their reckless actions potentially endangered any number of innocent citizens who did nothing wrong but attempt to use the public highways and road system (but, etc.). So what's the diff in T & L and any Bruce Willis movie? Not much. I mean, Bruce uses straw men terrorists no more egregiously than Ridley Scott does with the rapist/abusive husband/any-other-stupid-hateful-penis-bearers. Except that 1) Bruce Willis's characters wouldn't dream of taking themselves as oh-my-ass seriously as T & L ; and, 2) as a general rule, those who so desperately claim to love T & L (at least the guys; pardon me, but some of the women may still be working through some gender-anger issues) would never express the same kind of worship of a Bruce Willis hard-vengeance flick...that is, in the hearing of women...for the same reasons I point out. Huh, how about that? So it's all personality- and outcome-dependent after all. Bottom line, T & L is at worst filled with rage and despair; and at best utterly wasteful and joyless. That they hold hands while engaged in the ultimate act of giving up and giving in does not make it warm, sisterly or loving. It's not a road trip movie.
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2010 on Summer Road Trip Movies at Armchair Commentary
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I am eternally amazed at how people can possibly put a tomato-based sauce on a grilling cut of meat and not know it will burn to a carbonized cinder. And then they actually eat that incinerated mess and think it's good. But these are the same people who think that a pork rib which has been par-boiled is good because it's "tender". Ye gods and little fishes, save me from these! You are absolutely right about ribs not being a "soft" meat. You must have teeth for ribs. You want something soft and mushy, go to any one of a thousand rib restaurants. I've never known of a single place that serves ribs that doesn't boil them before slapping sauce on them and heating them on a grill for a little while. They do it that disgusting way because it takes too long to cook ribs right, and fewer and fewer people know today know the difference. The only way to cook ribs is about 5 hours on an open pit over a burned-down hickory fire, which is added to along the process, but nev er allowed to flame up too much. NO SAUCE! But dip in a water-salt-vinegar solution and turn every 15 minutes. The sauce is a sweet, thin family recipe, which does not touch a rib until they come off the pit. You will wind up with the absolutely most whangy, flavorful, smoke-filled ribs imaginable. But they will NOT be "tender". These ribs will be manly ribs which do not surrender without a fight, and they deserve a full set of teeth and strong jaws. And no person who has put sauce on a grilling meat should ever be allowed to eat them. (Those who boil ribs should be shot outright as a warning to others.)
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