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Ooops, I meant Kufar Dawg
Yes, Fern and Kufar Dave, it seems my site is under attack by high level Paki scum. We are securing the site on a much more sophisticated server and hope to be back up in a day or two.
Well, now you will know who to report to the police after the signs are vandalized.
Oh No! I didn't make the list. Damn! Maybe next year?
Thanks guys, I appreciate all the kind words. I will be back up soon and am trying to connect with a CAIR-proof host this time, I know they will hound me wherever I go so I must insulate myself from their relentless attacks. They are backed by Saudi money which few hosts can counter. But the host who will take my website need cojones more than dollars. I fear that since they think they had a victory over me, they will go after all the other counterjihad bloggers like Atlas and Jihad Watch, and the rest. They will not defeat me. I will be posting updates at Twitter: barenakedislam Thanks, Pamela for posting this.
Why not just cancel Mawyer instead of the whole event?
Any Jew who would be in the same room with an Israel-hating Muslim like Obama isn't really a Jew because he worships at the altar of liberalism. Then again, there WERE Jews who worked for Hitler too.
Henrik, I guess I'm not yet on the radar screen which is good because I have said some very unflattering things about him.
I am the Administrator at but don't see anywhere on my computer. I think that is because I work on a MAC instead of a PC, so perhaps I've dodged a bullet by doing so.