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It is very true that the hearts of gold are worth more than material gold. And I am lately seeing hearts of gold in people everywhere. Something those without spiritual hearts can never grasp.
Ben, Encourage them all to go to their underground bunkers. Then the whole world can pray that God will flood the whole thing!
They don't need a 100 million man army. The people don't want to fight. What they do need are a few good world leaders to get up and kill off the 2 corporate evil goverments who have userped sanity and are now killing off the worlds people!
Ben, you may forgive these people. I would like to see them admit what they have done. I would like to see them held accountable for what they have done. They should lose every penny they have. Then they can all go out and get minimum wage jobs, and eat at Mc Donalds. Anything less than the above would not be acceptable.
At least they finally told you what their true desires were; more than american corporate media would have done.
I really want to thank you for the wonderful news!
Ben,, Why don't you comment in English as well?