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Anecdotally, I've signed up for about six MOOCs, started about three of them (the timing just didn't work out for the others). Of those three I dropped out of two within the first couple of weeks. The other one I completed and got very engaged with - I participated in the forums, looked forward to the new videos coming out each week and even felt slightly sad when it finished. I carried on until the end for that one because it was a much better MOOC than the other two and I'm sure it wasn't a coincidence that it had a ridiculously high completion rate overall. It wasn't that I was only interested in the first couple of weeks content or had got everything I wanted out of the course, I just made a trade-off between my time and whether the course content was inspiring and interesting enough to continue.
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It's interesting that report refers to new courses rather than existing ones, where you might actually expect the teachers to look to see what options are out there. I can see three big barriers - awareness (are teachers sent copies of the materials in the same way that they get inundated with textbooks from traditional textbook publishers?), possible quality of the material, and also the time taken to evaluate new materials (e.g. if you are fairly young lecturer you might just be tempted to use the textbook you yourself used as it takes less time than becoming familiar with something new).
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Not sure I'm ever come across anybody else who hates celery! Something that I know I could never acquire a taste for no matter how hard I tried.
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