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And there's a frozen fries tie-in: "She and William were once caught on security cameras buying pizza and frozen chips at the branch of Spar at the Valley crossroads; though to be fair, there’s not much of a selection in there."
Thanks for the holler. If they're selling it at Whole Foods in MA we might be able to get it.
When I moved to Boston 15 years ago, NECCO was based in Cambridge, a sideways block or two down the street from the big MIT dome. At the time, their building was actually a functioning candy plant, too, and their water tower was painted to look like a giant package of NECCO wafers. When they sold out a few years ago (with much local agita over yet another local company getting swallowed), they also sold the building to Novartis, so now the water tower is painted with a boring pharma company logo. That said, do you really want to eat candy made a few hundred feet from a functioning nuclear reactor?
Check out some of the flavors of Somerville MA's own Kickass Cupcakes: Mojito is my fave.