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Frankly, FRAM is something I always worry about. I am not a self-promoter by nature. I do get caught up in the moment and hit send. I especially notice FRAM on FB. I get pretty good engagement from my friends. When I post a blog post that is not really Marketing and get no response, I wonder if I am pushing my ideas and thoughts to much. I wonder if my audience is really interested. I wonder if they are really my audience or just people I know. I am inclined to lean towards the latter. Great post and self-realization. Thanks for sharing.
I tweeted this video as part of a TwitBlend I did earlier today. I think the video is pretty cool indeed.
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2010 on It's the Dad Life at Obsessed with Conformity
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I disagree with your perspective on this book. You seemed to have chalked it up as another self-help book and missed an opportunity to think about it from another perspective. In your work, are you teaching people to be average or make a difference? I suspect it is the later. Do your clients and co-workers think of you as an Artist? Are you easily replaceable? What about your employees? Are they Linchpins or replaceable commodities? What kind of people do you want to work with? hire? be friend? love? What about the products your company produces? What about this blog post? Does the reader think they should ignore you or deem you worthy of following? Are our schools teaching our kids to be linchpins or to be ordinary? Is your local government ordinary? I'm not implying any personal by these questions. I am only suggesting Godin's material has many more uses than you are giving it credit for. This book is not inside the self-help box, it is on the bleeding edges. I'd urge you to re-read it with a different perspective.
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