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Allison Nazarian
South Florida
Allison is a mom, an empire-builder, a writer, a former introvert, a speed-reader and a seeker of truth.
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Truth Tuesday One day last week, I forced myself to go through my desk drawers and try to make some order out of the chaos that is paper clips, chargers, stamps, address labels, tissues and just about everything else that... Continue reading
Posted Jun 8, 2010 at CurrentMom
Truth Tuesday When I was in college and fancied myself as a young woman way ahead of my time, I kept a book by my bedside. The book "Running on Empty: Meditations for Indispensable Women" by Ellen Sue Stern is... Continue reading
Posted May 25, 2010 at CurrentMom
Hi Lori, thank you! It is SO hard sometimes. Don't want to give mixed messages, don't want to fight battles for them, doing stuff "for" them is not really helping them in the long run. So many ways to mess up :) ~ Alli
Hi Kristie, Thank you for your comment! Absolutely -- we have so many things and not exactly endless time. So priorities are so important. I am the first to admit I waste time doing certain things when I should be doing more important or useful things. Then I wonder what the heck happened to my time! But like I said above, I am working on it! xo ~ Alli
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2010 on What Are You Tolerating? at CurrentMom
Hi Shelly, It is amazing how much we build things up (eg the lightbulbs) and then when we actually do them, it's no big deal. Often, I know I just avoid it instead of just tackling it. And that is something I am totally working on. Thank you for your comment -- and for always reading my stuff. You rock! xo ~ Alli
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2010 on What Are You Tolerating? at CurrentMom
HI Katherine, I was thinking along the same lines! Especially these questions: Why are we looking up to women who have little to teach us or show us? Why are we trying to model ourselves after non-reality when reality is totally doable and awesome? Why aren't we connecting more with one another instead of taking fiction and trying mightily to apply it to our non-fiction lives? Great minds..... xo ~Alli
Hi Elizabeth, yes SOOOO juicy :) xo ~ Alli
Hi Kelly! Thank you for your comment. You can read here on this blog or on mine (it's my name dot com). Would love to have coffee, I will msg you on Facebook! xo ~ Alli
Hi Tom, Thank you! I agree -- give me "boring" real people any day. Because you know what -- real is NOT boring! xo ~ Alli
Hi Bonnie, Thank you for your comment! Thank you, as well, for your honesty and your own "coming out." :) Love this that you said: "I'm at work, and it's all good." xo ~Alli
Hi Heather, Agreed on all counts! Thank you for your comment. xo ~Alli
Hi Lori, :) Some days, I don't feel I have figured it out, but I am learning that that is OK. And, some days, the orange is really, really bright. But that is ok too! xo ~Alli
Hi Scott, Agreed, 100%! Thank you for the comment. xo ~Alli
Hi Deb, I emailed you last night. Hope to hear from you soon! xo ~Alli
Hi Hugh, Hope all is well! I love what you say about what matters (and what doesn't). That is really the bigger picture of what I was trying to say here -- it doesn't matter where I am sitting, it matters what I am doinga and, even more so, how I am living. Thank you! xo ~ Alli
Hi Owen, I want to see a picture! Glad you are out of the closet with me. xo ~Alli
Hi Lisa, Yes, trying to explain to those who work in "real" offices that we are actually working and on a schedule gets "fun...." (I tried it for years, and now I am working on just not explaining anymore.) xo ~Alli P.S. I hear ya on the dog -- mine is hopeless!
Hi Phil, I would love to see that page when it is up! Thank you for your comment. xo ~Alli
Hi Liz, I can totally relate. From 9-2 I am in the zone (in theory). From 2:30 on kids arrive and my ADD kicks in and I am super-scattered. Last night I had my kids, my dog and my Ex-Husband all on top of me in my office at once. I should have called it a day (it was already 6-ish) but I didn't (trying to learn that lesson...). Thank you for your comment! xo ~Alli
Hi Frank, Thank you for the comment. I would LOVE to see your GREEN office! Can you show me on twitter -- @AllisonNazarian? xo ~Alli
Hi Paige, Well thank you! Some days (most?) I don't feel very inspirational, but I find that saying that for what it is (rather than pretending all is perfect in June Cleaver land) is what actually inspires and connects. (And some days the orange scares the you-know-what out of me :)) xo ~Alli
Hi Elizabeth, (Replied to your comment and it got deleted I guess....GRrrrrr) Anyway...I agree. I work more hours than ever (not complaining -- just the opposite) yet still get "a look" from some people when I say where my office is located. More focus on the result and less on where your butt is planted while doing the work would be great. xo ~Alli
Hi Kathy, What an awesome comment! Your office sounds great. Life is short -- go yellow :) xo ~ Alli
Hi Laura, Thank you for your comment! Yes....I have experienced both (all) sides. I enjoyed the outside-the-house feeling for a while, but ultimately I forgot why it made sense (or it stopped making sense). Times have changed, and there are fewer and fewer jobs/roles that MUST take place in person, all the time. That all said, more than anything, I hope people can find ways to do what they want/need and make it work without having to pretend or do something because they think they should. Thank you again! xo ~Alli
Hi Sarah, Glad you loved it! It is what it is and I don't want to have to explain/rationalize/worry/cover up/try to change anymore. Back to work :) xo ~ Alli