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The problem is democracy coupled with MSM. The MSM thrive with doom and gloom. In a democracy the party that is able to exploit the doom and gloom will win the elections and set policies. In many ways, false dooms and glooms are better for the politicians and the MSM, because there is no way they will go away, as they don't exist. Then when all is doom and gloom, thing stop. Because you are in a psychotic breakdown. Obsessively trying to control all and anything (like narcissists) and you need to check and verify all and anything (like an obsessive compulsive). This, simply, consume all the time and the resources available. But the government control is, by nature, imperfect. There is always something able to escape control.
Interstellar travel could be possible even without invalidating General Relativity. The problem is that, with an increasing rate of technological development, we will have early enough the ability to upgrade our offspring and ourselves. What would be the interest of a race (or a single mind) of people able to think 1.000 time faster, able to manage problems 1.000 times more complex and with enormous resources available to interact with puny humans?
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Atomic (fission) Bombs are overrated. They are powerful, but Iran is not able to build more than a few (and upkeep them) without bankrupting itself. And they are already near bankrupted. Israel homes have, near all, a bomb shelter. If the bomb don't hit directly and the people is inside the shelter, they will come out just fine. Like in many other wars, who that blink and move first will be the probable loser. If Israel is attacked by Iran, they will be able to defend themselves with the Patriot missiles and with other in development tools (like lasers). Iran need much more than a few missiles and A-bombs to put Israel out. Not all missiles launched will arrive to the target and not all of them will explode. This setting is similar to the Yom Kippur War, where Israel was intimated by Kissinger to not attack first or they will not obtain a nail from abroad. Using nuclear weapons against Israel is a giant gamble for Iran (and the others Arabs/Muslims). If they fail, Israel will be free to exact bloody vengeance against them for the 10-20K people killed. Iran will be virtually obliterated and any other attacker will be equally obliterated. If they succeed in destroying Israel (Siria et al. attack and overcome the IDF), the EU, US and others will not be able to dismiss it as the definitive proof that Arabs/Muslims are dangerous and must be eradicated. Anyway, Iran will be half destroyed and with it many other M.E. countries (I would reserve a couple of missiles for Makka and Medina then claim it was Iran to do it). This would put an end to the Islamic ability to finance terrorism and propaganda abroad. Maybe I'm optimist, but any real open military confrontation with Israel will force the Muslims to use too much resources. Iran have not so many years available before demographic and economic collapse start to bit together.
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Here, in Italy, the majority of the people don't give a damn about what happened to Abu Omar. Many are happy it is out of Italy. But your CIA guys acted very unprofessionally. They leaved a large quantity of proof around. When they acted, Abu Omar was under surveillance by the Italian police. The problem is that in Italy, the prosecutors and the justices are totally independent from the government (it is in the Constitution). So, there is nothing that the Italian government can do, apart don't ask the extradition of the convicted to the US. Anyway, if a IRA supporter living in New York was renditioned to England by MI6 guys, blatantly breaking the laws of the US, what would be supposed to do the NY prosecutor? Close his eyes or prosecute them? I suppose the second. If The CIA guys are paid for breaking the laws of other countries, it is an occupational risk for them to be prosecuted or jailed or worse, if discovered. It is not acceptable for any country to have CIA agents or others breaking the law of the land without consequences. What would happen if the CIA guys had kidnapped Abu Omar and few second after the Police or Carabinieri had showed up to arrest him? Would They had shot to the Police? Would they had surrender to the Police? Next time, if you do, please, do it right.
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The CIA guys screwed big time. They were under surveillance when they snatched Abu Omar. They are lucky that they were not caught in the act and arrested. The bigger problem is not the legal one, it is that they compromised fellows Italians security officers that helped them. Good luck to find someone else willing to help in future.
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