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Beth, I wanted to chime in on the ROI and measuring/improving theme. Fully agree that initially ROI measurements can't be so narrow, but I suspect that many folks are not clear on how to evolve what's possible (and recommended) to measure as their social media strategy evolves. For example, in the early phases of social media implementation you might measure eNewsletter sign-ups, or event sign-ups that directly result from Twitter posts. But over time those may become lesser important than measuring Facebook/Twitter fundraising campaign success and/or evidence of viral PR/buzz spread of your org's mission. My question: in the wealth of information out there is there a recommended source for what metrics are possible/recommended to measure in the various phases of rolling out social media? Tying those metrics to the tools that best support their collection would be nice. And finally, tying them back to ROI (even if initially soft) would certainly help the NPO advocate to gain internal support for their efforts. I browsed around but didn't find anything quite like the above but may have missed it. Appreciate any pointers. Darren (@thecommunityguy)
Great to see some orgs pushing the envelope here! Thx for sharing Beth. Thinking about Holly's question of what to make available 24/7...another way to ask the question is what are the most important or valuable metrics to publish? Going beyond high level membership and revenue stats which should always be on the dashboard, I'd say publish your social media and communications metrics. Two reasons: 1) Everyone in the community can participate in improving those metrics, whether it's more active seeding of conversations, making it easier to participate and share communications and content, or creating more targeted groups and communication channels. 2) Even organizations with small budgets and staff should be able to leverage platforms and tools to auto-publish (or at least close to it) these metrics. Pulling together all the metrics in Holly's great dashboard may not be a practice that can be sustained by orgs with resource constraints. But we should expect social media and communications platforms to come with these dashboards built in IMO. Darren