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Definitely Mystic Amy. I like the floaty-ness of the dress. The delicateness of the fabric balances the potential severity of the black. Gothic vibe but classy rather than the usual goth thing of being explicitly (trying to be) sexy. It's a good look.
Rhetorically, good argument, but you make use of both ad-hominem and argumentum ad verecundiam, both logical fallacies. It may be, however unlikely, that a racist can be right about football, and that a fantasy football blog may be right about football too where a university study is wrong. You'd have done better to attack the fantasy football site's "findings" purely on their merits, and possibly go after Sailer for his racism in a separate post - although you're probably right you've not given a logical proof, and I'm confident you can easily enough.
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2009 on Pinker on "What the Dog Saw." at