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it's a nice qoute and the truth. Goes hand in hand with another good one. "Art is not an answer, it's always a question." by Dieter Meier (Swiss singer of avantgarde electro pioneers Yello and also performance artist, writer,]
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2010 on Quote o' the Day at The Online Photographer
Nice writing Mr. Hickey. I've also figured out after coming to grips with all the menus and settings that the digital pen is a perfect street camera. I solved the problem that buttons can accidently be pushed inside your pocket by turning the four way controller to "off". And if want to change ISO, press "OK". For this it is important to make a change in the normal menu by pressing "INFO" to become access to the, i call "advanced menu". This change is saved also after turning off the camera. Since I individualized my Pen in this style i very seldom have trouble with accidential pushes. I often shoot street with the oly pancake and the viewfinder, display turned off. I also have to thank you for your tipp to lay AF onto the AEL Button. P.S.: I often think that prominent reviewers in online and webmagz didn't really do their jobs with oly menus ;). I can say by coming to grips with the pen it's nearly perfect. Again thanks for your report. A pleasure to read. Nicely XebastYan.
Hi Mike, i enjoyed reading your comparison. Very well done and i think you've all said and mentioned about this two MFT "street compacts". As i stated here yesterday in Pt.I's comments i use the E-P1 with the 17mm and VF-1. I think many people will buy one of these cameras because of your writing and i want to give a tipp for transporting. It's not a fleece jacket ;), but a bag for your camera, a second lens, your mobile phone, your wallet, keys, 2nd/3rd battery, memory cards, concert tickets, maybe your cigarettes [better not]. I have bought this small shoulderbag from jack wolfskin and took an unused padded divider from another photo bag to have a division for a second lens, fixed it inside with Tesa sew & stick on tapes. This is my all day going-out-the-house and i really can recommend it! Nicely XebastYan.
I use the E-P1 since the first days it was available. Mostly with the 17mm pencake. Yes the Lumix G 20mm/1.7 is better, but in combination with Olympus' VF-1 optical viewfinder it is a really fantastic feel to photograph. Set the aperture to 5.6, AF to the middle point. Program the fn Button for "Display off". I'll tell you the E-P1 is fast enough for street photography (only an M9 is slower, except you have a year or so viewfinder training with it *gg*) and the 17mm is not that bad the web out there writes! My "old" Pentax *istDL DSLR was not faster in terms of AF and i did some really good "action shots" with it. I also tried the GF1 for one day. I also figured out the JPG's looked much nicer with the E-P1, the GF1 is more noisier. The main reason i like the E-P1 is the 2 wheel operation, built-in stabilizer and the really good stereo sound (PCM) of the videos. Aperture on the big wheel, time or av on the other. The wheel on the GF1 is too much inside the body and a bit flimsy. Tipp for ISO adjusting on the PEN: Set the camera to the advanced menu screen. Then you can easily and very fast change the iso by circling the wheel on the back. Also it is important for setting Gradation to "Normal"(off), cause it adds noise. My LCD in sunlight tests figured out that the PEN Screen, which has an optical coating, is better in sunlight and is better viewable in extremer angle of views. In 4:3 the GF1 screen has black borders (?). The GF1 screen seems a 3:2. Maybe today i would buy a Pen Body, maybe the E-P2, combined with the Lumix G 20mm & the Voigtländer 40mm viewfinder. But i am happy as it is, Prints (up to DIN A 4) are looking very good. Now i am waiting for my ordered Novoflex Minolta MD/MFT adapter. Nice writing Mike, TOP is always the best! groove on XebastYan