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Thanks for sharing this David. Laura and I were members of St. James back in the late 80s, and we loved the parish. I didn't know the story of Frances Perkins then, but am glad to know it now.
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Thanks for your comment Nicholas about grace. I certainly don't want to be a Pelagian here. Let me rephrase that to say, "With this awareness, human beings can take the first step toward our Creator, with grace supplying the rest." As for Fr. craig's suggestion that there is no Fall; the evidence that we have of evolution and natural selection might seem to support that view. OTOH, it seems to me that whatever makes us human beings this odd mix of angel and savage must literally be "prehistoric." That is, we can't know what happened when human beings first became aware that they were created, and that therefore there must be a creator. I wonder what power might have been unleashed in the world if we had been able to live in total trust of that Creator. I guess I've entered into an area of speculation that at least for now, science can't go to. But I guess that's one reason I love the Book of Genesis. It's the best attempt to imagine, with some divine inspiration, who we are and how we got to be that way. BTW, I'm not sure why me name didn't come up in the first post. I wasn't trying to be anonymous. David Kendrick
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I was wondering about this last summer as I was out on a walk by the river. This is basically what I wrote in my journal that day. No living creature can give itself life. And all creatures were created by God. Thus, all life is a gift, but one which no creature is able to give. The only life creatures can give, therefore, is their own. Life can only be sustained by life; life must feed on other life. But most creatures are unaware that life is a gift. For them, life can only be protected, or taken away. Made in the image of their Creator, human beings know that they were given life, and can choose to give life -- their own. In other words; with this awareness, human beings can rise to the altruistic nature of their Creator.
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Nov 18, 2009