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Violet Fenn
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Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2011 on Outsider at RMNBlog
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Beautiful post, David! I'm coming back to the church soon. Thanks for the gifts and talent you bring.
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2011 on Place in the Choir at RMNBlog
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Beautiful post, Rachel!
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2011 on Humans Can be Simpleminded at RMNBlog
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Recently, I learned that Chad Holtz, a recent graduate of Duke Divinity School who was serving as a United Methodist local pastor in North Carolina was fired for questioning the existence of hell. Here is a link to his blog post about it. This disturbing incident prompted me to think about the risks that we Reconciling Methodists take every time we work towards inclusion of LGBTQ people in the UMC. Currently, I am a student at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As far as I know, I am the first transgender student the seminary has had. Back in 2009,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2011 at RMNBlog
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Jun 17, 2010
In my own experience, I have been amazed at what happens when I am open. Unexpected and wonderful things happen.
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2010 on What Might Be Possible? at RMNBlog
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Nov 18, 2009