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a baby otter. :)
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My son Henry is a few months younger than Tuesday, so I love following your blog to see what's going on in those next stages. :) We had a very similar bathtub incident and it totally freaked me out. Henry inhaled a mouthful of water when he was only a few months old and proceeded to cough, sputter, gag, and throw up a bit of water. The worst part of all is that he had joined me in the tub, so I was holding him. I'm happy to say that it hasn't happened again and I'm guessing it won't happen again for you. I now use a Sure Comfort deluxe newborn-to-toddler tub that has a mesh cradle that hold him in place. I'm careful not to fill up the little tub too full. I also try to give him his bath shortly after a feeding to rule out the fact that he could be drinking the water because he's hungry. Isn't it amazing how resilient children are? Even though I'm sure it was scary when Tuesday coughed up the piece of plastic, her little body knew exactly what to do to fix it! I was glad to hear that your mom came over to help! I'm in a job search and have started taking people up on helping with Henry by taking him for a walk around the block during phone interviews, etc., if only for a half hour at a time. Motion seems to put him sleep within twenty minutes. With the colder weather approaching I hope we can continue those walks. All the best!
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