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Cousin Nancy
The Ponderosa
Going gracefully into the second half of life.
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Jo (& Scott), as one of the youngest Zumberge cousins (3rd from the end), I remember that August day when Grampa died, from Springfield, IL 9-yr-old eyes. I will not reminisce here about that, but rather save it for a later post in my blog. However, one of the wisest gifts we got from the two previous generations, in my opinion, is to enjoy life --- all of it. Celebrate it --- all of it. Cherish it --- all of it. The good, the bad, the astoundingly beautiful, the absurdly insane, the dismal ugliness of it. Enjoy it all. And throughout life, remember to "Preserve Wildlife -- throw a party." Dad & Mom (Paul & Florence) had this monicker on a heavy brass plaque displayed proudly on the wall of their parsonage home(s). Thank you for the memorial to mom and all things Zumberge. I pray we never forget the lessons we were so carefully taught. Love, Nancy
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Oct 1, 2012
First: Why is my mouth watering? Second: I kept hearing "offal" as "awful" and wonder how the two words are related. Third: Will there be any left when we come to visit in '10? Fourth: The Saints vs Pats game will be a good one tonight!
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Nov 29, 2009
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Nov 29, 2009