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Greg S Cohen
Atlanta, GA
Name’s Greg, it’s nice to make your acquaintance.
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My father would have been 54 tomorrow, April 25th—that means that I am roughly the same age he was when I was born. About 27 years ago, my dad held me for the first time. About 15 years later, my family held a funeral service for him. That day I held his ashes in my hand, buried some in the sand, and scattered some in the ocean waves. I said goodbye to his mortal frame but held him just as close as ever. Over the last decade, my brother taught me to hold steady, my mom taught me to hold... Continue reading
Posted Apr 24, 2012 at Greg S Cohen
Recently, I bought a bike. It is a commuter bike of sorts and designed for city street riding. It is a muted shade of light blue with a white seat and kind of looks like a road bike, but has straight handle bars with white grips and only one gear. One gear makes maintenance extremely easy—I only ever have to check my brake cable tension and tire air pressure before going for a ride. However, as many people pointed out to me before I bought the bike, Atlanta is not the flattest of cities; therefore, one gear also means that... Continue reading
Posted Sep 29, 2011 at Greg S Cohen
Dearest Huntington Beach, I will miss you. If your shores were sheets draped over miles, I rested my weary heart there. The soundtrack of waves crashing amplified the brilliant backdrop of the stars glimmering off the surface of your rolling waters. I buried my weathered feet in your sands with my shattered dreams. These rough edges smoothed and mended by the gentle grind of your presence over time. You brought me hope in the hands of people that vibrantly pale the California sun. Though our actions were the result of intoxicatingly remised inhibitions, they were accompanied by a newfound exuberance... Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
“Tell her something in my heart needs her more than even clowns need the laughter of the crowd. Tell her what was wrong; I sometimes think too much but say nothing at all. And tell her from this high terrain, I am ready now to fall. I am ready now to fall.” Over the past two years, I have had a hard time explaining the black star branded on my side. Originally, it was the symbol of a girl I loved dearly. She had the same black star on her side along with other stars representing the most important people... Continue reading
Posted Sep 13, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
The sun was steady in the sky, as though it would never fall. Its heat radiated through the hours of day, sinking deep into their exposed skin. Conversely, the ocean air was refreshingly cool and when he kissed her, he tasted its saltiness on her pursed lips. It seemed like they had spent lifetimes on the shore, gazing dotingly over each other, wrapped in rapture and beach towels. But she was as difficult to grasp as the sand, somehow always managing to slip through the tiny gaps in his fingers. Eventually, he realized that if he were to capture her,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. I was in ATL for 10 days. Hope you enjoy the video! Continue reading
Posted Apr 28, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
I grew up in this damn town and sometimes even I can barely take it. I mean, there are obvious things to love about New York City, but this place is unforgiving. I have seen people come and go, their dreams ebb and flow, and unfortunately, in my line of work, I have seen more endings than beginnings. It’s exhausting to be an Air Vac Pilot in a town with so many tragedies. Oftentimes the beauty of such a bustling place full of vivacious people is overshadowed by ignorance, hatred, and violence. I suppose it doesn’t help that I am... Continue reading
Posted Apr 15, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
I took a cheap redeye back East after my first semester of college. I thought my exams had gone fairly well and I was excited to get home and spend some quality time with my family. Mom and Dad always seemed to be renovating or putting some kind of addition on the house and I was curious to see what had changed over my first stint away from home. I am not going to lie, I thought Mom might have changed my bedroom into some kind of craft zone full of thread, ribbons, stamps, and other assorted scrap booking materials.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 14, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
It’s me, in the most somber of tones. I know there are a plethora of daunting and scary things weighing heavily on your shoulders. I know that I may play a role in the churning of your mind and the beating of your heart. I don’t want to disrupt either of those and I do this in an effort to make it easier for me not to. You have heard all of these arguments and they upset you as they upset me too. If you can’t read them, please refrain. They are listed here as a simply declaration for you... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
“What’s going to happen with you and the girl when you move?” “We’ll cross the bridge when we reach it; no need to get all destructive about it in the present tense. Life is in constant movement, I shouldn’t deprive myself of an amazing girl like her and the experiences associated with her due to that fact.” “I’m glad you view it that way.” “Me too.” Be here now. One should have momentous long-term goals; however, no one knows what resides beyond the crest of their horizons. This moment is the only one. The present is all you are guaranteed.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
My buddy and I have a weekly outing… well, we have several weekly outings, but this is the only one we actually consistently attend and/or plan to attend regularly. Anyway, I digress; each week my friend and I go to a place a few minutes walk from my apartment in Old Town, Scottsdale. It is a bar a grille that serves gourmet takes on traditional Mexican dishes. However, on Tuesdays, they offer two-dollar Tacates (mmm beer) and one-dollar shredded beef tacos (mmm beef). You can get a good buzz and satisfy your apatite for less than a ten spot. Not... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
The slats of the Venetian blinds swayed gently with the swirling of the ceiling fan. The sunlight shifted through the slight gaps to rouse me still tangled in the sheets. The left side of my jaw was aching, as if I had taking a maliciously heavy hand to my chin the night prior. I gasp for air and the first few breaths hurt as they drew through my sore throat. I can’t seem to shake this sickness, so I simply live with it. I expected to feel you damp on my skin from a night of clammy sleep in a... Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
You are under my sheets and under my skin; you are sleeping in the middle of the bed again. My right shoulder is practically resting on my nightstand and the left side of the bed is virtually a plane of vast open land. You claim that the mattress is slanted in my direction, but I feel you scooting in and limiting my sleeping section. I am caught in reflection wondering why you desire my affection. Ultimately, I decide that this connection is perfection and questioning it would be crazy to an intolerable degree. So, I resolve to rest my churning... Continue reading
Posted Apr 6, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
The landscape keeps changing around me and these skies seem like more of a fractured memory. You would think that the sun and the moon would be constant enough, a daily reminder that to endure is not overly tough. The sun will rise and the moon will fall and this has occurred throughout it all. The lesson here seems to be that it is not the landscape that changed, it is me. I can picture the summer nights of my youth when everything seemed an absolute truth. From big wheels to convertibles the Maryland air flowed through my golden-blond hair.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 3, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
The onset of April is bursting with the heat of summer. The desert wind carries dreams of the past, from the east to the west, rustling my plans as it billows by. I am caught somewhere in the middle, in the eyes of a girl with hair as dark as night. I long for the ocean and its gentle lullabies lapping against shorelines. I yearn for the sand grinding against my soiled skin, exfoliating even the deepest of stains. But where would I be, if not with you? Where would these feet take me, if not to your side? What... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
The Law of Attraction is a fallacy. However, this myth can assist in creating beauty. The Law of Attraction refers to the overly optimistic disposition that our thoughts can influence chance. The crux of this mindset is hinged on the premise that it does not follow a chain of motivation, but instead thoughts directly influence outcome. For instance, if an individual truly believes they will find the love of their life, these pure convictions will result in it occurring. This principle is ridiculous and misleading. Contrarily, the individual should view the law as such: positive thoughts influence actions. This is... Continue reading
Posted Mar 30, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
I want to make you a character in my book. Or rather, I want to make my book have your character. If I could capture your essence on these blank canvases, readers would be just as mesmerized as I am. Upon submitting my work to various publishers, they would all instantly fall in love and a bidding war would ensue. This would last past the point the publisher was making a profit and their return on investment would be upside-down, continuing until all rational business practices had been forgotten. After selecting the most apt publisher groveling at my feet to... Continue reading
Posted Mar 29, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
Being an adult is lame. Alright, I admit, it has its given perks. I mean, I never have to ask permission to have sleepovers, whether it is my drunken asshole of a friend passed out on my floor, or that girl rocking the mini-skirt at the bar (she’s DTF). If I don’t want to go into work, I can call myself out sick without a doctor’s note (or “work from home”). I get to buy the toys I want and treat them however I see fit. I clean up my messes in due time. I can drink excessively and eat... Continue reading
Posted Mar 25, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
Drift. If you allow yourself to wander aimlessly, then you can explore things you never knew you wanted to. Therefore, process is more important than the outcome. If an outcome drives a process, we will only find the answers to the questions we already knew. Thus, leaving the unknown as such. With that said, ask idiotic questions. Discovery is the product of innocence and desire; imagine yourself a child that does not know any better. If you accomplish this, you will make mistakes faster. These mistakes will undoubtedly lead to a greater understanding of life. Pay close attention to the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 23, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
I am not perfect; but I want to be for you. I am flat on my back in the bathroom of my apartment. In my drunken stupor, I locked the door so that you could not see me get sick. You are knocking; only slightly less intoxicated than I am, with a glass of water in your hand for me. I shift across the floor, unlocking the door to let you in. Your smile is warm, especially in comparison to the cold linoleum beneath me. You rummage through my medicine cabinet and collect two ibuprofens, placing them on the counter... Continue reading
Posted Mar 22, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
If you are reading this, I am not referring to you of course (please, don’t kill me). In all seriousness, if you are female and a loyal friend to another female, take this post to heart (but it is still not directed toward you because I want to live). Anyway, girls are bat-shit crazy. However, their girl friend’s mug shots are apparently featured prominently next to “psycho” in Webster’s (also reference “overbearingly intense and ill-informed malicious bitch”). Alright-alright, I will stop talking vaguely and fill you in on a situation I recently found myself in. I met a seemingly normal,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
Having a bit of writer's block... sorry kids. Here is a post from Dude, Now What? that people seemed to like and when I go out on weekdays, I often think about all the crazy nights I have had. The evening was perfect, a midsummer night so full of life that it seemed an infectious disease and everyone at this particular bar was terminally ill. It was the end of the season kickball party at the league bar, Front Page News in Midtown. Considering the event was scheduled for a random Tuesday night, the scattered crowd did not connote a... Continue reading
Posted Mar 18, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
I am laying flat on my back in your living room. The last light of day has long since given way to the soft ambient glow of the moon. Its sends slight beams in through the curtains that affectionately illuminate your beautiful face; I bear witness to their affair with your soft skin. The radiance rolls over your cheeks as constant and timeless as the ocean waves on the shore at midnight. I summon you closer. You crawl over to me, your frame silently shifting across the room. You linger just above me, hovering like a ghost in my vision.... Continue reading
Posted Mar 16, 2010 at Greg S Cohen
Brianna presses her lips tight against Coles’, as though there is so much more meaning in her kiss than she is letting on. She lingers there, knowing that he is close and his mind is only on her. Just as they are pulling away from each other, Brianna draws a deep breath from the air between them. As their eyes flutter open to meet, she says, “I stole your breath” with a smirk rolling up her cheek. Cole can’t help but to grin at her vivacious banter. He silently nods as sincerely as possible, admitting that she did steal his... Continue reading
Posted Mar 15, 2010 at Greg S Cohen