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Jon Wetzel
Farmington Hills, MI
COO at FoundationBio, Balloonist and Blogger
Interests: I love to read everything from Koontz to Kingsolver, I never saw a full episode of Survivor, I'm a huge fan of twisting balloons and I love to learn.
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Forgot to mention that I also love the original post title. :)
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Great post and heartfelt. I jumped into bitcoin just this month and created an account on MtGox 20 days ago. I thought that hey, it's the largest around...then I did do some research and didn't like what I was seeing on the forums and also the major price difference between it and the other exchanges. Something didn't seem right. So I decided not to deposit anything and went with Coinbase. Whew. (bullet dodged) Based on this post I'm also going to open up an account on Kraken also. Glad you skipped the lawyer approved PR post..sounds like it would have hurt to post it. For everyone that got goxxed I'm so sorry also. I've been broke before and picked myself up multiple times. At one point looking back...if I hadn't lost all my money in 2001 I would never have met my wife. It's like grieving for all that you lost. You have to go through the stages and get to the other side. Then you can move forward. Just learn from it to make better future decisions otherwise it really is a total waste.
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It's definitely easier if you're the original owner. I wish I could help more but calling the Honda's main line and maybe asking how to update that information would allow you then to access it at a later point through the system. Wish I could help more but I'm not really a car guy. Sorry, Jon
Brenda I'm glad this helped you. I know Honda has made it much easier to get the codes these days also. Honestly - I posted this because every year something goes wrong with my car and my battery drains or gets disconnected and I wanted to have an easy place to find out how to fix my own radio/navi system. I'm just glad it's helping others. Take care Jon
Hi Derek- I'm sorry this wasn't of help to you. You are correct. If you don't have the phone number and zip code from the owner that is on file for owning the car then this will not work for you. That's why it was the first thing I said you would need to be able to reset the NAVI. Based on the comments of other people above you for this post I will have to disagree with the "useless" part. Good luck finding the answers you're looking for.
Thanks for your comment Drive-In-Freak ALDI shoppers are very price conscious so the "Quarter" is an price point to engage them into putting the cart back. I can see how this might be seen as not being "worth it" to some shoppers at other grocery store chains however for an ALDI shopper , $0.25 is not too small a sum for 1 min worth of work. As for pan handlers I've never seen any at ALDI's while driving past nor have I ever seen a shopping cart in the parking lot. -Jon
Thanks for commenting Chris but I think we just differ in opinion. For me a Kaizen event is a small incremental improvement that anyone can do in their work area to improve a process overall. I hope that they would also implement some mistake proofing and the amount of inventory in the area should be relative to their through put and hopefully they can decrease that as well. -J
Here's the dilemma. The instructions I posted come from the American Honda site. According to the Honda AU site at "I need a radio code for my vehicle, where do I find it? Visit your local Honda dealership and they will be able to supply you with a radio code. Remember to bring a copy of your registration (or other documentation) to prove you are the vehicle owner." If you have to go there for the radio code then I'm assuming that the NAVI would be the same. Wish I could have been more help. Take care, Jon
Thanks for the info Zoomer. I'll go back and take a look at the site and see if it gives me the correct codes now. Glad to hear that the instructions were helpful. Take care Jon
Thanks for the response Cranston. If anyone wants to read the reviews you can click here: Since I don't know anyone at Atlas personally I can't attest to any of the opinions on glassdoor however I do want to provide the link for those of you seeking additional sources of information.
Glad my worked has paid off for so many. After 2 years this is still my number one visited post. I would rather that Honda fix their system internally but I'll take the site hits :) Take care Jon
Olajide- I suggest try giving Honda a call at (800) 999-1009 (6:00 am to 5:00 pm PCT) and let them know your predicament. I don't know how to get the Navi code without you having the zip-code or phone number of the previous owner. Ex I do suggest following the above to get the serial numbers and having your VIN handy. They are going to need those to get your system activated.
Glad to hear that you got it working Michael. Hope it stays operational with no issues for a very long time!
Hi Michael- Unfortunately I can't be of much service on that one. Sounds like a software program issue. The only thing I can think of is to eject the DVD clean it and put it back in and see if it loads. If that doesn't work...sounds like you'll have to go to the dealer to resolve it or keep searching on the web and see if you can find someone else who's had to troubleshoot it already. Take care, JOn
Nice to see that the info is still relevant and helpful. Glad to hear that you could get it up and running again. -Jon
The 18th Amendment showed us that you can't legislate cultural change. Continue reading
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When going to the hospital the last thing on your mind is remembering where your car is at! Continue reading
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Hey Matt- Audio code first and then the Navi Code. Good Luck -Jon
Thanks for the comment Jamie. I remember when I first heard about VH and their crazy Brown M&M clause thinking it was just a quirky thing they wanted. Now I start to wonder where I can use a similar tactic when running operations at my company. -Jon
Who knew that the presence of Brown M&M's could cause the cancellation of a rock concert..and with good reason! Continue reading
Posted Jul 20, 2011 at Lean For Everyone
Thanks for the awesome comment Sandra- It's nice to get more of a background into some of the other things that makes ALDI's lean. I love the barcode solution they came up with. It demonstrates that when you own your entire value can really accomplish a lot. Reading your comment reminded me of IN-N-OUT burger and how they control everything from one end to the other.
Thanks for the translation Dragan- That helps add some more context and gave me a laugh. I don't know if I'd call image 3 "almost correct" but I would definitely call image 1 "quite wrong". -J
Using a toilet brush could be more confusing than you can imagine. Continue reading
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It was very simple, 100% my wife K.'s idea and made great use of some stickers. Continue reading
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