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What I take Bill to be saying is not that race, nation, ethnicity, gender, etc, aren't real (he affirms their reality, denouncing their denial as leftist lunacy), it is that within the onion that is a person's identity, the highest of them all is the individual person, intellect and will. Again, this does not mean that I no longer see myself as, say, a white American male with such an such an ethnic background and with such and such religious beliefs, but that of these my individuality reigns and ultimately I am incomprehensible without accounting for my individual personhood. It is where I, as a free, rational, moral agent choose to be this way rather than that way. Each layer is either factually true of my identity, or "advisory", so to speak, or a freely chosen manner of being, but my individuality reigns. It does not, of course, have the right to reign in opposition to the moral order. We do not have the right to choose evil, though we have the power to do so. The supremacy of choice, the elevation of will over intellect (as absurd as that is), is a sin celebrated as virtue on the left. Individuality is very much emphasized in what Feliks Koneczny in his "On the Plurality of Civilizations" called Latin civilization. Compare this to what he called Byzantine civilization, or Turanian civilization, where the individual is subordinate to other things. The via media Bill is referring to is arguably a rejection of both the extremes of either subordinating or reducing the individual to one of his lower identities, or reducing the individual to an ego with no identity but his individuality (or perhaps those gnostic, manufactured identities like transgender identity).
Of course the Christians wanted to replace the pagan holidays. However, the date of Christmas is largely the result of a period of Christian persecution. In order to celebrate Christmas, it was done to coincide with Saturnalia to minimize suspicion. The replacement was a later phenomenon when Christianity had gained a foothold in Rome and was spreading Northward. The pagans were of course also interested in keeping Christianity out of their societies. The proselytism may not have been there, but at the very least Christianity was perceived as a threat to the social order of Rome and to a much lesser extent, the pagan tribes, long before the armies of Christendom were set to take the pagans to task by sword.
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Jan 7, 2010