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I am who I am and it makes me happy!
Interests: My family, people, dreaming, kindness, love, peace, calmness.
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It’s Sunday night and it’s getting late. I am laying in bed and planning my day for tomorrow in my mind. Some friends of mine are planning a women’s retreat and I’ve been invited to their planning meeting tomorrow. Last week, I was asked if I would give a little presentation on self care and essential oils at this wellness retreat. Of course, I said I would. So I have been thinking about that and what I am going to say. It’s taken me a lot of hard work and several years to learn to love myself and figure out... Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2019 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
So I hired a man to delivery the 35 pound bag of dog food to my house every month! The UPS man! I always dreaded having to go to the store and get it so I signed up for the monthly auto shipment on amazon! I have to admit I felt a little guilty watching him carry that box up to my front door through the snow the other day....I really wished I had shoveled the front steps. Luckily he didn’t fall down! What a treat and you know what? I think the food is actually cheaper on that... Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2019 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
Several years ago, I went to a Christmas holiday shopping event in an old barn and I bought this pillow..... I loved everything about it. I loved that it is white and I loved the colors on the letters and it’s simplicity and it was different than most Christmas decorations. I just thought it was really cute so I brought it home and threw it on the couch. When the holidays were over and with it being white, I didn’t’t want to throw it down in the basement with all the other stuff so I kept it upstairs and kind... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2019 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
Omg!! This just makes me so happy!! She kicked my ass today!! I was Really struggling!! Good thing you talked to her yesterday! Love you friend....and miss your face!
with essential oils! I’m pretty open about how much I LOVE Young Living essential oils. A little over a year ago, I joined the team and I have been using them on a daily basis ever since. I start each day by diffusing “JOY” into my room! It’s delightful!! It really sets the tone for the day! I have multiple diffusers around the house. I use them all......constantly. Then I go downstairs and make coffee! I’ve been drinking Bulletproof coffee...I put the hot coffee, the brain octane fuel, the collagen peptides and a tablespoon of butter into the blender and... Continue reading
Posted Jan 21, 2019 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
do come true!! But you have to make them happen! So this is my grandma....... She was 15 years old when that picture was taken. I never met her because she died when my dad was a young boy. When I saw this picture a few years ago, I knew there was a little bit of her living on in me. I just thought, “how fun!” I decided that some day I was gonna recreate that picture in honor the sweet lady who gave me my dad. I have thought about doing it for years!! was the day! It... Continue reading
Posted Jan 19, 2019 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
Last winter, my doctor had an open house at a wellness center she was planning to open. I had just began my journey in finding things to do alone so I decided that would be a pretty safe outing. It’s kind of scary venturing out to places where I don’t know a single soul. The thought of making small talk scares the hell out of still does but it’s getting better with practice. I downloaded an audiobook called, The Art of Witty Banter. I keep trying to listen to it but find I always fall asleep 20 minutes in... Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2019 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
I’ve been enjoying making body wash for the shower! This morning I made a batch and scented it with grapefruit. I LOVE the smell...the texture... and the way this recipe makes my skin feel! It’s so simple to make. I use Castile soap, honey, jojoba oil.....equal amounts of each one and a squirt of vitamin e. Then I add about 20 drops of whatever essential oil “sparks joy” at that moment! I love the color once it’s mixed together. I used a hand mixer. Then I funneled it into a bottle.....I love watching it pour in there. It’s just so... Continue reading
Posted Jan 13, 2019 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
So......I was reading a book last night about life in the the season of winter and how to live happier. I don’t like winter. It’s cold and everything is dead and gross outside. I usually dread winter and go through seasonal depression but this year is different. I’ve been trying to lean into it and learn the lesson of what winter is.....maybe even appreciate it a little bit. This book talked about the earth going through seasonal changes as a lesson for human beings to follow suit for a more abundant life. It talked about not being afraid to rest... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2019 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
One of the reasons I cleaned out my closet was because my son Max wants to take a trip to Florida and he was talking about selling some of his clothes to gather some money. I figured I could help him out with that. When I went into the task with a purpose it was a lot easier to let things go. I realize he’s not going to make a million bucks selling my old clothes but it might help him out a little. Clothes are so funny. We keep them even when we don’t wear them and pass by... Continue reading
Posted Jan 10, 2019 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
I would be telling you a big ol lie if I said this year started off well for me. I was Texas...with my boyfriend. I was really sick. I spiked a fever of 103.....and I slept through the entire getaway. When I got home, I called my daughter and told her i needed to go to the hospital. I was crying and in pain and actually thought maybe this was the end. She’s a paramedic and immediately drove to my house with her stethoscope in hand and all her medical expertise. She said, “Have you thought about just going... Continue reading
Posted Jan 9, 2019 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
I want you all to know how thankful I am for you and all the messages you sent me yesterday! Let’s all remember, we are never alone. Someone is going through some’s not just you...or me! And you know what? Together we can get through this thing called life! I like to think of life like the moon...... constantly waxing and waning......or the tides of the ocean. For all the lows and bullshit we face there are incredible highs and non bullshit happenings, right?? Last night, I ended the day on a positive note by watching the new Ellen... Continue reading
Posted Dec 20, 2018 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
Since we last spoke, things haven’t gone so well. I’ve been struggling to get my groove back. Waiting to see what fucked up shit is going to happen next. This post isn’t meant to bring you down because i honestly feel I am on an upward swing now. So.....within a few weeks of starting my dream job at the spa, i was so motivated that I replanted all the flower beds in my yard. Man! It felt amazing and I was so excited and then? I broke out in oak mite bites and within days my arms were bleeding and... Continue reading
Posted Dec 19, 2018 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
Oh dear lord.....I can not begin to tell you a time in my life when I have felt as good as I have been feeling these days. I am in the flow. It feels fantastic and for once everything appears to be falling into place. I think it all began when .....well, I don’t know when exactly it started BUT ....ok probably started on January 1, 2010 when I first began this blog. I really did change my life through positive thinking and gratitude. I think lately just deciding what exactly I want has been so beneficial. Before I... Continue reading
Posted Sep 13, 2018 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
Last year, I noticed a gal I have always admired but had never really gotten to know started posting on Facebook about Young Living Essential Oils. From what little I did know of her, I could tell she was really stepping out of her box by talking bout what she loves. She posted her diffuser and about vendor events and I admired her even more. I reached out to her as an act of encouragement. That’s what real women do, right? Encourage each other! Little did I know that we would establish a friendship through the deal so it was... Continue reading
Posted Aug 27, 2018 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
I slept great last night. Did you? I am thinking about a lady I had the priveledge of working on yesterday. I have been going out to a local bed and breakfast and giving massages to a wide variety of people. I actually love going there. It’s a treat! Last week, I was working on a fellow who’s job was in the creativity field. He asked if I was creative or had any special talents. I told him I write blog but I haven’t been real consistent lately. He asked what this blog is about and I had to think... Continue reading
Posted Aug 26, 2018 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
I’ve been trying to figure what I want. Like what I really love to do and I try to take note of the feeling of enjoyment when I feel it. The other day I was in the kitchen and I looked at my bread box and I thought, “I LOVE that breadbox”. Then I wondered what other personal belongings I LOVE so I decided to make a list. Now I have 4 things on that list: Breadbox the picture of a sailboat Asa drew the collage of the Mary Poppins musical Max was in my front porch Have you ever... Continue reading
Posted Aug 25, 2018 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
I'm up and drinking coffee today and it occured to me how some things change. I used to drink 2 pots every morning, Today, I've had 2 cups and my heart is racing out of my chest. If my back didn't hurt so bad, I'd run a couple miles right now. I think my mind is running double time so I think I'll stay put in my chair. I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately. I hired a life coach. I LOVE HER!! I was a little concerned and confused about what exactly I was doing and where... Continue reading
Posted Aug 22, 2018 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
I went shopping the other day with my son, Max. I usually don't buy anything but the necessities. I used to enjoy decorating and buying little trickets to make our home beautiful and fun but I have't done that for quite a long time. After Kevin died and I moved, stuff like that just seemed silly and pointless so I stopped doing it. I minimised and got rid of so much stuff. It was just junk cluttering my mind and my life. I let my girlfriends come up to my house with their trucks and take whatever they wanted and... Continue reading
Posted Jul 9, 2018 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
Last September I had a kid come cut down a huge tree in my backyard. It had a split in it and I kept worrying about it falling over on the house so I made a deal with a kid to cut it down in exchange for a riding lawn mower that had been sitting in my garage. I assumed it worked. Evidently the tree was much bigger than the kid expected since it took him 3 days to cut it down. I felt sorry for him. I don't think the lawnmower worked when he eventually took it home so... Continue reading
Posted Jul 2, 2018 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
One great thing about my life right now is I have the ability to be spontaneous. It's really quite nice and probably something I take for granted. Every new year, I make a bucket list of all the things I want to do. Spending time with my friend Amy is always at the top of the list. Thankfully, we seem to be able to make that happen at least once. Last week, I texted her and said, "when are we gonna kayak this year?" She said she was starting a new job on Monday but she had time on Friday... Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2018 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
So... I created a command central station in the sunroom off my bedroom. I've been sitting out there more than I ever have since moving into this house 6 years ago. I like to sit in the orange chair and read my Bible and pray to God to draw me near and protect my children and parents and friends. I just open my Bible and see what He has to say to me and I'm encouraged. The other day I was texting with my sister in law and a verse came to me to share with her. I decided to... Continue reading
Posted Jun 25, 2018 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
Happy Monday!! I had such a great weekend. Sassypants came and she brought a friend! He brought a gift for me..... It's a perk of knowing someone who works for CHANEL.!! I love the fragrance! And the gesture. How sweet! We went to the pub and listened to an 80's cover band. I think I sang out loud every song. Remember 8675309?? OMG it was so fun! The dance floor was packed. When I first walked in my gal friend grabbed me and we got things going... That band just played one hit after another. It was just so fun.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2018 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
Good Lord.....It's been a whole month since I've been on here. Time really flies, doesn't it?? I'd love to tell you what I have been up to but I don't even know myself. Just living. I guess and thinking. I'm a chronic overthinker. Do you do that?? Just mull things over in your head? putting together every possible scenerio until you can't even think rationally? That's what I do. And then I come to my senses and dream of all the wondertful possibilities of why something would work out. I mean really everything will be OK no matter what the... Continue reading
Posted Apr 6, 2018 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time
to a cheeseburger and fries. Winning!! Yesterday I went shopping for a dress to wear to the wedding next month. A long sleeved dress. I tried probably 8 or 9 dresses. We went to 2 stores. I finally found one with long lace sleeves and that netting stuff that you can see through so it's still pretty sexy but you don't have to look at my actual skin. It's knid of form fitting but I can bend in it. It's pretty. At the first store we went to the lady suggested I get something with shorter sleeves and wear a... Continue reading
Posted Mar 8, 2018 at Raisin-a-ruckus One Day at a Time