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Seattle, Washington
Interests: all that is tasty and yummy.
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I have been exercising with varying degrees of commitment since the mid-80’s. Unlike many of my more focused friends who train for marathons and triathlons, I train for my wardrobe, a wardrobe that is purposefully unforgiving to keep me in “competition form”. Over the years I have found my endorphin fix through various exercise endeavors. I’ve alternately run, spun, boxed and twirled my way back to my skinny jeans. No matter what workout “kick” I am on, one thing I always crave is group fitness. What I don’t love is big gyms. Lucky for me, the current trend of regime... Continue reading
I am a Serial Remodeler who suffers from “While We’re At It" Syndrome. This serious disorder, though not officially listed in the DSM IV, can be quite crippling when the sufferer does NOT have a project to satiate their urges. This would be the state I currently find myself in as I sit in a housing “holding pattern”. After finally selling our home in the city (a two year real estate saga), we have decided to rent while we figure out what sort of digs we desire in our new suburban zip code. During my stint in remodeling rehab, I... Continue reading
In my previous post I focused on paperless invitation services I had direct experience with. An additional service omitted but worth consideration is Cocodot. The name alone has me intrigued. As does the ultra stylish designs. I will be adding this service to my go to list of on-line invite options, and so should you. A REMINDER: I LOVE parties and I have LOTS of party shoes ready to be released from captivity. Continue reading
I miss invitations. I don’t mean I am a social pariah who does not get invited to things. I miss actual invitations, the ones that come in the mail with stamps. I understand the allure of electronic invitations. Easy. Fast. Cheap. Check, check, double check. What I take issue with is the hideous layout of the omnipresent evitation service of choice. Fortunately there are options for those seeking asylum from the ad-laden visual assault. I encourage you to join me in my boycott of those who commit electronic design crime and support other fantastic invitation services available. And remember, I... Continue reading
Once upon a time I read books. Then my attention span decreased like a Shrinky Dink, prompting a switch to magazines. Now I read blogs. I like blogs. When done well they inform, entertain, enlighten and empower. Sometimes all at once. My email box is full of all the RSS feeds I get daily. I read everything from frazzled mom rants to professional design blogs. Sometime I laugh, sometimes I cry, and sometimes I just want to take the blogger home and put them on my bulletin board, OR lock them in my closet...with their wardrobe. Today I bring you,... Continue reading
I neglected to mention other great discount voucher options in a previous post. I focused on Tippr because the concept of the deals getting bigger as participation grows in currently unique. There are other opportunities to savesavesave. The ones I use and endorse are: Unlike Tippr, which is currently only in Seattle. These savings opportunities are available in most major cities. This means you could also use use them to give gifts to far-flung friends and family or treat yourself when you travel. Continue reading
Although my love of footwear has been previously established, let me reiterate. I LOVE my shoes. Why? One reason. Unlike their capricious wardrobe ally, denim, they will not abandon you after a vacation fueled carbohydrate bender. Shoes ALWAYS fit. This is why I make sure my shoes have comfortable accommodations in my closet. When I remodeled my last home, I took that commitment to a new level. I had my closet designed so that ALL of my shoes had a room with a view. Then I moved (pause for a moment of silence). Now I share a closet with my... Continue reading
It's official. I have become thrifty. DO YOU HEAR ME STEVE? I had no idea how easy it can be to save money. My latest discovery, Tippr, is to the service industry what the private shopping event sites are to fashion. It's simple. You sign up and receive the inside scoop on deals in your area. If you see something you like, you purchase a voucher to take to the vendor. Pretty basic. Pretty cool. I just bought a facial valued at $85 for $40. But wait, there's more. Like sites such as Ideli and Hautelook, the clock is ticking... Continue reading
I love getting dressed. Each time I sashay out of the house in a carefully crafted closet concoction, I feel victorious. Sadly, I do not live a life that requires multiple daily ensembles. On a good day I might get two shots at style alchemy. Except on vacation, then all bets are off. "Pack lightly" is not part of my travel lexicon. So until my Bravo reality show gets picked up or Conde Nast calls to say it's kicked Anna Wintour out on her boney little ass and NEEDS me to (wo)man the helm at Vogue, I will have to... Continue reading
Ok. I feel at once inadequate, jealous and inspired. Inadequate because I can't wrap my noggin' around putting that much thought and devotion in to dinner. Inspired to have some ladies who lunch dates of my own. Jealous of those who get to savor your magic. Checking flights to Atlanta. Put me on the lunch calendar. STAT.
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2010 on taking my time at Inhale to Prepare
If you haven't already heard about Etsy, you need to check it out. It's like a garage sale, a flea market, a vintage store, a church bazaar and a craft fair got together for an E-tail orgy. I have been "screen shopping" for quite some time but was hesitant to order from the mini boutiques for fear that the "craft" in hand-crafted might not be so crafty. I decided to conduct an experiment with a focus on thriftiness (stop laughing Mr. G). The criteria: 1. Spend less than $100. 2. Support Etsy's independent artisans. 3. Get as many items as... Continue reading
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Mar 7, 2010
According to our friends at De Beers, all the ladies (single or otherwise) should be pimping... “The Right Hand Ring” Jewelry designed for you to declare your rights, and express your unique style. Your left hand loves candlelight. Your right hand loves the spotlight. Your left hand says, “I do.” Your right hand says, “I can.” Your left hand is your heart. Your right hand is your voice. After convincing men that three months salary was the required budget for an engagement ring because “A Diamond is Forever”, the diamond industry has redirected it's ongoing efforts to assign intrinsic emotional... Continue reading
I love fashion. High, low, any height will do. As long as it is done with style and enthusiasm. For those who love the pageantry of fashion week but have yet to get a call to cozy up to Andre Leon Talley in the front row, I am delighted to bring finger puppets. Anna Wintour Karl Lagerfeld Christian Siriano (Project Runway) Imagine the Bryant Park hijinks you can reenact with these felted fashion friends. And if fashion isn't your thing, there are other options... Better yet, how about combining fashion, politics and pop culture for a truly riveting puppet... Continue reading
This blog makes me want to immediately open an account at Joanne fabrics, get a job at Michael's, buy a sewing machine, learn how to knit and get my fashion craft on. In the meantime, I will continue to subscribe while I look for my glue gun. Continue reading
I have long maintained that General Mills got it wrong and up until recently was convinced that a Pria bar and Sugar-Free Red Bull is the REAL breakfast of champions. Turns out, the word on the street is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If this is true, perhaps a candy bar, posing as a power bar, paired with a beverage the color of a urine sample, might not be the best way to start my morning. In an effort to tame my wayward a.m. consumption ways, I have come up with a yummy and quasi-healthy... Continue reading
I have these fuzzy pillows that I LOOOVE. Actually, they are well loved by all who sit on my couch and find themselves unconsciously petting them with such enthusiasm I sometimes wonder if narcotics are involved and consider filing charges on their behalf. They are Mongolian Lamb and I found them on-line at a favorite website. This site has an excellent selection of modern bedding and other soft decor items. I also procured an equally yummy Johnathan Adler throw which I DO NOT share with the group. Some things remain sacred. Earlier this year I spotted a Tibetan lamb... Continue reading
If you have not already ventured past the velvet ropes and into the wonderful world of private event shopping, an e-tail paradise where nothing is ever full price, it is time. Grab your credit cards and follow me as I take you on an e-commerce tour sure to delight and amaze. Gilt Groupe:
 Found: Jersey graphic halter dress (T-Bags) Retail: $220
 Private-sale: $78

 Rue La La:
 Found: James Jeans "Twiggy" Baltic Skinny
 Retail: $172
 Private-sale: $69

 HauteLook: Found: William Rast jeans 
 Retail: $200
 Private-sale: $90

 Billion Dollar Babes: Found: The Snap Jacket by Current Elliot
... Continue reading
During ”"The Vampire Years” (Circa 1990-93), a time when my income did not keep pace with my social stamina, I became quite crafty about getting the most out of my entertainment budget. One of the ways I did this was with a "happy hour habit". This lead to the development of a matrix that depicted where cheap drinks and free food could be had every night of the week. Seventeen (did I just say 17) years later I still appreciate the allure of a good happy hour. Now that the tables have turned and my budget has eclipsed my social... Continue reading
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Jan 31, 2010
I have a treasured necklace given to me for my 40th birthday by a couple of lovely gal pals (thank you Becky and Kevyn). It is by Arielle de Pinto, a jewelry designer from Canada. Her work is spectacular. Pieces from the Spring collection will be entertaining visitors with bubbly sips on Saturday at Lamb’s Ear in Fremont. BONUS: While sipping champagne and jewelry gazing, you can check out the fantastic shoes. A big thanks goes out to our friends to the North for bringing us such talent. This almost makes up for Nickelback. Continue reading
I was running errands the other day and noticed that much of the female population was dressed for an exercise emergency. I realized this alarming trend had reached epidemic proportions when I picked my daughter up from school and observed the current middle school trend of wearing fitness pants tucked in to Uggs (a footwear assault I have yet to accept and will save for a future rant). I blame the Canadian fitness apparel powerhouse, lululemon, for this pervasive trend. I thank them for elevating the style quotient in the gym while cursing them for lowering it everywhere else. What... Continue reading
Shoes are our friends. Like any relationship, the bond between you and your footwear must be nurtured. It’s important to treat them in a way that assures them you care. This is why I ALWAYS have rubber-soles applied to new shoes immediately after purchase. Even though it is tempting to skip out of the store with your new sidekicks, don’t. Take them straight to your nearest cobbler and ask for rubber soles. This way, your shoes will always be there to support you, even after you’ve taken up with that new pair of boots around the block. Continue reading
I cannot remember the last time I called a restaurant directly. If you are not already hooked up, check it... I use it at home and at large. I had my holiday dining in Maui dialed in long before I checked my bags. Recently I was delighted to find that when my inclination to plan ahead does not kick in, I have REZ, Urban Spoon's clearing house for last minute reservations. I have been able to secure last minute reservations at some of my favorite local haunts (Lola, Lark, Harvest Vine, Barolo and Barrio). And now you can... Continue reading
Today I am wearing one of my favorite pairs of shoes, I call them my "happy boots". They were purchased many years ago during a shopping bender in Vancouver fueled by a favorable Canadian exchange rate. Sigh. They certainly qualify as over the top. I tone them down with the skinny boyfriend jeans by Seven, a white t-shirt and a boyfriend jacket . Side Note: Who are these boyfriends, why are they so skinny and how do they feel about having their clothes stolen? The boots are brought to me (and you, if you are so inclined) courtesy of Gianni... Continue reading