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Mr LaHood, This should apply to ALL DRIVERS of ALL MOTOR VEHICLES, not just trucks and buses. Cars are lethal weapons just the same. Stop and think for a moment; we have 16+ year old, new, inexperienced drivers motoring on our streets and highways looking down, for as long ast 4-5 seconds at a time as they text message their friends. Studies have shown this is enough time for a vehicle to travel the length of a football field at normal highway speeds, with virtually no one at the wheel! You can talk the talk about livable communities, active transportation, alternative modes, but few I know are willing to venture near any road on foot or bicycle with this going on. Until this issue is addressed on a national level, with consequences at least on par with Utah, you will be seen as either paid for by the wireless industry, naive, or willfully ignorant. Almost everyone I know these days has either been rear-ended or knows someone who has. Please put an stop to this madness and enact serious legislation against distracted driving among all vehicle operators! Very sincerely, Frank Warnock President, Bike Delaware is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 26, 2010